TerraNichol Academy of the Arts

Weekly Blog December 1-5, 2014

The Gingerbread Boy Mystery

Well....it seems as though we had a mystery on our hands this week as students began reading The Gingerbread Boy and The Gingerbread Baby unusual things began to occur. First students discovered the Gingerbread Boy hanging by our artwork, then swinging in a bird basket. While acting out the story in Drama a loud clatter was heard, a squeaking voice that said "You can't find me" and more banging and crashing than ever heard before. The students were confused, then excited, as they realized it must have been the Gingerbread boy stirring up more mischief! When drama was finished the students were surprised to find a tea cup and a bowl with oatmeal left in the learning labs. HMMM?? They concluded that it had to have been the Gingerbread Boy attempting to make a snack. Then today we found the Gingerbread Boy with a few missing parts as it seemed someone had eaten his head and arms. Ohh no!!!

We had a wonderful discussion about what would have been a better choice for the Gingerbread to take across the river other than the fox. Some of the students ideas were:
An owl-Kate
A Speedboat-William
A door-Sophia
A jetski-Chase
A racecar-Lucas
A log-Brady
Build a bridge-John
Get in a bubble-Wyatt

To conclude the project students attempted two culinary projects. While both were more scientific and mathematical than culinary students, enjoyed making, mixing, measuring and rolling both the no bake recipe and the gingerbread dough recipes. And they both tasted delicious!!!!

We are looking forward to next week as we begin to explore The Carnival of the Animals in Literacy and Music Appreciation, and work on some top secret projects!

Van Gogh Inspires TerraNichol Students

Sunflower by Van Gogh

The Art Studio came alive with the likes of Vincent Van Gogh. Students have worked diligently on this multi-step project which involves mixing colors, texture, and collage techniques. These masterpieces are absolutely marvelous just like Van Gogh's own Vase with 12 Sunflowers. When finished they will be on display in the story studio and they will be a part of your child's collection at this year's art gallery showcase where you can purchase your child's unique collection

Around the Learning Labs

It started to feel like winter in the learning labs this week as students explored arctic animals in the writing workshop, and sensory areas. Students have begun a project about bears and it looks like one about penguins may be taking shape as well.

Students also listened to the tale of Peter and The Wolf in the Atelier and sketched the animals, music and instruments from the tale that inspired them.