firefighter's life

Firefighters answer to emergency situations and mainly protect people, the environment and property from all types of accident and emergencies. They work closely with the local community to increase their level of fire security awareness in order to help stop fires and accidents occurring in the first place.Firefighters help fire safety and apply fire safety standards in public and saleable buildings by acting and warning on all stuffs relating to the defense of life and property from fire and other risks. Lectures, exercises, practice drills and other forms of training are an integral and ongoing part of the job.

its not all fun and games when your a firefighter

The main duties of a full-time firefighter are to help protect the public in emergency situations. They respond to a wide variety of calls, such as car crashes, chemical spills, flooding, water rescue and general rescue as well as fires. With many fire crews being trained as first responders they can provide first aid until the arrival of ambulance personnel. In addition to attending emergency call outs and rescuing people and animals from life-threatening situations, the job entails: using sophisticated firefighting and rescue equipment, promoting fire safety via talks, advice and training sessions, enforcing safety standards in commercial and residential properties, demonstrating the use of firefighting equipment, working with police and ambulance service. All staff wear uniforms, and 24-hour shift work is a standard requirement of the job. The work can be uncomfortable, stressful and dangerous but there is a great deal of job satisfaction to be gained from providing such a valuable service to the community. There are two main divisions of firefighter: full-time professional firefighters and retained firefighters who are paid a retaining fee and a per-call fee.
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