2nd Grade Superstars!

Week of April 27, 2015

Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. McLaren, Mrs. Wright


Monday - Math Topic 15 test review
Tuesday - Play First In Math, Spelling Worksheet & Wear GREEN tomorrow
Wednesday - Math 17-1, Read
Thursday -Math 17-2, Read & Study Spelling List 24

Young Author Books

We are beginning our Young Author Books. Soon I will be sending a request for volunteers to help put our books together as we get closer to completing. There is quite a bit of illustrating involved, and many markers are in their "end stages" due to being used all year. Please check with your child to see if they might need a new set of markers to get them through their beautiful Young Author Book illustrations. Thank you!

What's New This Week?

Language Arts

Our main story selection this week is Half-Chicken, and the genre is a folktale. Our Essential Question is "How can one event in a story cause another to happen?" Skills this week include cause and effect, irregular action verbs, prefixes, and antonyms.

Spelling Words of the Week - List #24

unhappy retell untangle unkind repaint refill unlike

remake unpack reread unlock replay read happy

Challenge words - rewrite overheard

Test on Friday 5/1

Click here to go visit the Spelling City website for some fun practice: http://www.crsd.org/Page/16692


This week we will review and take our Topic 15 Time assessment on Tuesday. Our next topic is on numbers and patterns to 1,000. This is a lengthy topic, and we will be working with place value to the hundreds place, reading & writing numbers to 1,000, comparing numbers, patterns on a hundreds chart, and ordering numbers.

Important Dates

5/2 - Nor'wester Readers Dog Walk & Family Fair
5/7 - Field Trip to Adventure Aquarium - a letter is coming home this week with information

5/10 - Trenton Thunder Game @ 7pm

6/10 - Young Author Celebration 8:15-9:15 AM