Benjamin Bratt (Actor)

By Avery Smoczyk

(1963- )

Peru Origin

American-Indian activists seized control of Alcatraz Island,an abandoned prison in San Francisco Bay, a treaty stated natives could claim any unoccupied federal land. Benjamin Bratt was 5 years old when his mother (a Quechua Indian from Peru) arrived at the island of Alcatraz with Benjamin and his siblings.

Time Line

  • 1986- Bratt graduated from the University Of California, Santa Barbara
  • 1990 -Bratt was cast in "Bright Angel, and "Chains of Gold" starring Joey Lawrence, and John Travolta, Bratt played an aggressive drug dealer.
  • 1995- Bratt's first year as "Rey Curtis" on Law & Order.
  • 1997- Bratt starred in a film directed by his brother, entitled " Follow Me Home "
  • 1999- Bratt left Law & Order to be with his family more.
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