Save The Earth


Stop Polluting

Stop polluting for the sake of humanity. Polluting is bad for the environment and is the cause of global warming and the ozone layer disappearing. Pollution can give diseases to the animals we eat. Pollution in water causes fish to die and get diseases and you know who eats fish most of us and other carnivorous mammals, so that means most of us could get sick. Air pollution has a high risk of asthma.

Stop Littering

Stop littering for the sake of animals , please. When you litter you are hurting the planet in little ways. The planet is fragile and it's the only one we got, so instead of hurting it with pollution, waste and other stuff we should change how we think and put the earth in front of us instead of money and greed, the earth gave enough for everyone yet there are people on the streets begging for what everybody has, but they don't. Please we need to stop harassing the earth with pollution, construction and taking more then we need. So please stop and think about how many people are on the streets. Littering also kills a large amount of animals every year with animals eating litter thinking it's food, but dies because of chocking on it or getting a disease.

Change Who We Are Supposed To Be

You can change who you are supposed to be, change the world. You can change the world if you try. You stop littering if you do, stop wasting food and energy and stop polluting with your gas filled cars, you can change how people see you. You stop the fight against rivaling countries, you can give hope to people who don't have any, you can do all of things if you put your mind to it. Just believe you can do it, anybody can do it , they just think it will make things worse, but they never have tried, so they don't know what will happen. Even though they never tried doesn't mean you don't have too. Every tiny thing you do to help the earth will impact it in a big way.