Latin American Region Project

By Emanuel Vasquez Orihuela

Starting point #1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Buenos Aires Argentina (34.6033°S, 58.3817°W).

  • Relative location of Buenos Aires is south America, -in the Atlantic ocean.

  • 2 physical locations for Buenos Aires is the Iguazu Falls, and the Petrito Moreno Glacier.

  • 2 human locations in Buenos Aires is the Teatro Colon, and the women's bridge.

  • An example of a modification to their environment is their Bridges.

  • An example of a adaption to themselves are their clothes.

  • The people depend on their government in Buenos Aires for the laws.

  • 2 examples of their movements are using a Ferry, and city buses.

  • Regions: 1. Spanish (Castellano) 2. Growth, the Boom, and the British Invasions 3. Ravioli, Roman food, tents neighborhoods, or houses 4. Roman catholic country.

Point #2 Bogota, Colombia

  • Bogota, Colombia (4.5981°N, 74.0758°W).

  • The relative location for Bogota, Colombia is Northern corner of south America, bordered by Brazil.

  • 2 physical locations of Bogota, Colombia is the Monserrate ruins, and the Well Bogota Colombia.

  • 2 human locations in Bogota, Colombia is the Torre Colpatria, and the Gualalupe Hill.

  • An example of a modification environment in Bogota, Colombia is their Skyscrapers.

  • An example in Bogota, Colombia about adaption is their clothes they wear.

  • The people who live the Bogota, Colombia depend on their government for their security.

  • 2 examples of their movements are their taxi's, and their buses.

  • Regions: 1. Spanish 2. Spanish rule, Independence 3. Hispanic food, tents, neighborhoods 4. Religious freedom.

Final Point #3 Mexico City, Mexico

  • Mexico City, Mexico (19.4333°N, 99.1333°W).

  • The relative location for Mexico city, Mexico is south - Center of Mexico.

  • 2 physical locations of Mexico city, Mexico is the Ruins de Xoshicalco, and Popocatepelt Volcano.

  • 2 human locations in Mexico city, Mexico are Alameda Central, and Chapultepec.

  • An example of a modification in Mexico city, Mexico is their bridges.

  • An example of a adaptation in Mexico city, Mexico is their clothes for high and low temperatures.

  • The people in Mexico city, mexico depend on their government for freedom rights.

  • Mexico city's movements are their train's, and their car's.

  • Regions: 1. Hispanic (Spanish) 2. 5 e mayo 3. Hispanic, Italian food, Houses, neighborhoods 4. Maria Guadalupe, Hispanic catholic.