Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder is a mental illness in which it is hard for you to perceive and relate to situations and to people including yourself. This means you have abnormal health patterns of thinking and behaving no matter what comes out of the situation. Personality disorder leads to major problems and limitations in a relationship.

Types of Personality Disorders

  • Cluster A are the odd, eccentric and bizarre types of personality disorders
  • Cluster B are the dramatic and erratic types of personality disorders
  • Cluster C are the anxious and fearful types of personality disorders

Symptoms and Treatment and Causes

  • mood swings
  • unhealthy relationships
  • angry outburst
  • poor impulse control
  • abuse of alcohol and substances


  • Treatment depends on your particular personality disorder, they tend to be chronic and last about the whole adult life. Psychotherapy is the main way to treat personality disorder. This is a general term for the process of treating personality disorder by talking about your condition.
  • During this treatment you learn more about your condition and your mood, feelings, thoughts and behavior.


  • The causes of personality disorder is unknown. But they think genetics and the environment may play a role in the cause of it. Personality is a combination of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that make you unique.
  • You have the inherited tendencies that include things they you learned and are already in who you are.
  • You also have the environment influences that involve things you learned or saw from events that have occurred.