Mahanay News- January 18, 2022

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Congratulations to Mahanay's Teacher of the Year for the 21-22 School Year!

It is with great pleasure that we announce Ms. Sanchia Myrie as Mahanay's 21-22 Teacher of the Year! Ms. Myrie is a dedicated, hard-working 4th-grade language arts teacher who cares greatly for her students and their success! Congratulations Ms. Myrie, and thank you for all you do for your students!

The 100th Day of School is next Friday, January 28th!

To celebrate, students can dress up like they are 100 years old. We have included some ideas to help you get started planning what your child could wear.

  • Girls: Printed skirts, pearls, eyeglasses, sweater, wig or curled hair, gray hair, knee-high stockings, large purse, scarf
  • Boys: Button-down shirt, flannel shirt, suspenders, eyeglasses, drawn on mustache or beard, gray hair

Students may also create a shirt or clothing with 100 items on it. Students are not required to participate, but we would love for them to join in the fun!

Picture Day is January 27th!

We will have our spring picture day next Thursday, January 27th. This is a free dress day for the students.

Your students will come home with an envelope and a flyer regarding pictures.

Class pictures will be taken on the same day as the individual pictures.

In order to purchase the class picture, you will need to prepay by sending the money back to your child's teacher in the provided envelope.

You may purchase the individual pictures after they are taken. The proofs will be returned to your child 2 or 3 weeks after the pictures are taken. At that point, you may choose what package and how many you would like to purchase.

If your students are sick, please keep them home!

As you know, COVID is still spreading in our community and nationwide. If your students are showing symptoms (cough, fatigue or tiredness, congestion and runny nose), please keep them home. This is cold and flu season as well, and we don't want our students getting sick if we can avoid it. Students and staff are encouraged to wear masks but not required.

If you do keep your student home, you may call our attendance clerk, Ms. Julie Davalos at 281-983-8355.

If your student does test positive for Covid, please use the link to report the case. Those absences will be excused.

Student Covid Reporting Link

Dates to Remember

Star Students

Each week your child's teacher will pick a Star Student of the Week. These students demonstrate the month's character trait to classmates and staff. These students try their best in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Congratulations, Star Students of the Week!
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Reminder: Put Student Names on Jackets

As the temperature drops, our students will be wearing their jackets more often. Please remember to write your student's name on the tag or somewhere in the jacket, so it can be returned if found somewhere in the building or accidentally left outside. Teachers will be reminding students to keep track of them as well.

Reminder: Parents of Car Rider Students

Car Tags are required to be displayed on your dashboard in order to pick up students. This is a safety precaution to make sure your students are going home with the correct adult. If you do not have a car rider tag on your dashboard, you will be asked to park your car and come inside to show the proper ID.

Attention Parents of Bus Riders:

Dear Parents,

Alief ISD has contracted with Secured Mobility LLC to use a program designed to increase safety and security for students riding on the bus.

By using SMART ID cards and iPads mounted inside each bus, students will scan onto and off of the bus each morning and afternoon.

SMART tag technology provides real-time information on students loading and unloading data to the school, the Alief ISD Transportation Department and to you, the parent.


  • It ensures that students load on the right but and unload at the correct bus stop.


  • All students must keep their SMART ID cards attached to their backpacks.
  • Students must wear the cards home each day and back to school the next day.
  • Cards are $5 to replace.

Kindergarten Riders:

  • Families of Kindergarten students will continue to use the established system for authorized guardian releases at bus stops.

If you have any questions, please contact the Alief ISD Transportation Department at 281-983-8400.

Visit the Alief Transportation Website for more information.

NOTE: There is no GPS function in the card itself. The GPS is located in the bus-mounted iPad.

Parent/Teacher Communication

The best way to communicate with your child's teacher is through class dojo. Please make sure to connect so you don't miss out on important information! We look forward to partnering with you to help your child have a successful school year!

Mahanay Dress Code

Please make sure your child comes to school in dress code daily.

  • Any solid color collared shirts
  • Pants or knee-length shorts (khaki, navy, or blue jeans)
  • Leggings may not be worn unless they are worn under a skirt or dress.
  • Dresses and skirts must be knee-length (Khaki or navy)
  • Fridays are college shirt day! Wear the college shirt of your choice!
  • Mahanay School Shirts can be worn any day of the week.
  • Jeans may be worn with a Mahanay School Shirt any day of the week
  • Shoes: Close-toed shoes- No Crocs
  • Our students run and play a lot at recess and PE, and we want them to be safe.

If your child comes to school out of the dress code, we will give you a call and ask you to bring the appropriate attire.

If you do not have clothes that are in dress code, please let us know.

Masks are optional for students this year, so the Mahanay staff will not ask students to put on a mask. However, if you choose to send your child to school with a mask, please remind your student how to wear them properly above their noses and mouths.

Birthday Reminders

If it is your child's birthday, we want to celebrate him or her! Please feel free to send cupcakes or individually packaged items with your child. Please send enough for the whole class. They will be shared and eaten the last 20 minutes of the day.

Not receiving district callouts or texts?

During time of emergencies, the district sends out calls, emails, and texts to district staff or parents. If you are not receiving these notifications and you would like to, please proceed through the steps below.

If you have may have opted out (blocked notifications) from receiving notifications from Blackboard.

  • Users can opt back into: Phone calls: Call the Blackboard Phone Hotline at "855-502-STOP (855-502-7867)" from the phone line that has been opted out.
  • Text (SMS) messages: Reply START to "60680" from the phone line that has been opted out for non-emergency messages. Reply START to "54968" for emergency messages.