October 2020

Longfellow Elementary

a note from mrs. heckenlaible...

Hello Longfellow Lion Families,

I want to take this time to Thank You for sharing your Lion cubs with all of us and doing your part to help us all remain in school. We are so thankful for the opportunity and the ability to have our Lions physically present in the classrooms. We thank you for supporting and encouraging the wearing of masks. Our LO Lions have ROCKED it and are doing well with the change and we couldn’t be more PROUD of Lions!! They are a fun, energetic, and motivated bunch who have settled in and are already starting to shrink our gaps from five months of no school.

We look forward to seeing you all, either virtually or in-person, at the fall Parent/Teacher Conference Night on October 8. Please see a few notes in our newsletter about a clothing drive we will be hosting during conference week, Oct. 5-9. We are hosting the “Caring Closet Pop-Up Shop” to help any family in need, while also giving back to the Caring Closet in our Community. I thank you, in advance, for your support!

As always, please contact the school with any questions or concerns. You can reach us at 995-7500.

Yours in Education,

Mrs. Heckenlaible
Longfellow Elementary Principal

A tour of Longfellow

As you look through this newsletter, you will see photos of the art that lines our halls. We have such talented students and our teachers come up with such fun activites!

Super Star Mask Wearers!

Bringing their mask is just one more thing your students have to remember each day. Maybe a note on the door as you leave the house. Or why not have them put it in the their backpack after the leave school the day before? While we have extras, the school year has just begun so we appreciate your efforts in helping them remember to bring masks.

parent/teacher conferences

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 3:30pm

110 North Mentzer Street

Mitchell, SD

In-school OR virtual

Shop at the Closet

On the week of conferences, we will have a pop-up Caring Closet in Mrs Krell's office. The Caring Closet is available for any Mitchell student who needs daily essentials for having a successful academic school year.


Monday Oct 5th 3:30-4:30 pm

Tuesday Oct 6th 3:30-4:30 pm

Wednesday Oct 7th 3:30-4:30 pm

Thursday Oct 8th 3:30-8:45 pm

You may also drop-off any of the items listed below if you wish to donate!

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September's Jeans for Means donation was given to our local Mask Incentive Program. Thank you staff of Longfellow for thinking of others and giving back to the community which gives so much to us!

fall into warmer clothes

Remember that even if it’s forecasted to get warm by the afternoon, it can be chilly in the mornings. Please send along a sweatshirt for those cool morning recesses. We go outside unless it is raining or the temperature or wind chill dips below zero. Don't forget to think of their feet too. It's probably time to put those flip-flops away.

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Speaking of cold

Don’t forget that NOW is the time to find and collect snow pants, gloves, hats, boots, and a warm winter coat. Listen to the radio, watch social media, etc to find out when local entities might be offering opportunites to pick up gently used items.

fire prevention week Oct 5-9

Mitchell’s Fire Marshall Shannon Sandoval will be assisting us with our fire drill and visiting our Lions. Please remember when you turn your clocks back for Daylight Savings Time, November 1, to change your batteries in all your smoke detectors and review the escape routes with your children.

School board meeting

Monday, Oct. 12th, 5pm

920 North Capital Street

Mitchell, SD

McTea building
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Don't Forget

Thursday Oct. 8th - Parent/Teacher conferences (in-person or virtual)

Monday Oct 12th - NO SCHOOL

Monday Oct 12th - School Board Meeting

Wednesday Oct 14th - Picture Re-take day

Friday Oct 16th - Last day of 1st quarter of school

Wednesday Oct 21-Monday Oct 26-Papa Murphy's Fundraiser

Friday Oct 23-Report cards go home


Picture Re-Take Day

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 8:30am

110 North Mentzer Street

Mitchell, SD


If your lion is ill, out of town, leaving early, etc, please let the OFFICE know. Informing the teacher is a nice extra but the office MUST be notified. We don't want to mark them Absent Unexcused if that's not the case. Please call us at 995-7500

Educating "Outside" The Box

Way to go!

Our teachers have different ways of rewarding positive choices in their classrooms. Mrs. Schnabel uses a clip-chart. Easton made so many good choices one day that he clipped right off the chart! He got to bring his clip to Mrs H and SHE wore it for the rest of the day. Way to go Easton!

Emergency Dismissal

Emergency dismissal forms were sent home during open house and in the weeks after. If you did not fill one out, the information has changed, or you’re unsure, please print a new one which you will find below!

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New Staff Members

Longfellow gained several new employees this year. Welcome to the family!

Noel Ahlers-Administrative Assistant

Marlett Snoozy-school nurse

Miss Mertens-5th grade teacher

Mrs Gunnare-3rd grade teacher

Mrs Sarne-4th grade teacher-fun fact, Mrs Sarne isn't actually Mrs Sarne yet, she will be getting married this month but didn't want to change names part-way through the year.

Miss Brekke-music tacher

Lisa Vermeulen-computer aide

Barb Myers-computer aide (Barb was formerly our administrative assistant but moved to computer aide to allow more time with family)

Patricia Sides-Paraeducator

Jennifer Buchholtz-Paraeducator

Laura Starr-Paraeducator

Haylee Constant-Paraeducator

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State Fair winners

Last school year, Mrs Geist kept some of the art projects to turn in at the State Fair. Congratulations to all of our super-talented students! Here are the ribbon winners:

BLUE-1st place

Kindergarten: Jack Giblin, Wren Long, Aubrey Herseth

First Grade: Mollie Smith, Reese Flanagan

Second Grade: Brooklyn Lautt, Haylen Buchholtz, Jorge Quinteros Olivares

Third Grade: Blake Rehorst (2 artworks), Mallory Genzinger, Callie Hofer

Fourth Grade: Tayven Red Day, Jacey Stunes, Malia Heth, Arihanna Jackson, Justin Feilix, Londyn Hajek

Fifth Grade: Yaibeth Rivera Diaz, Tiahnna Milk, Rorey Koch, Kaelynn Swanstrom

RED-2nd place

Kingergarten: Melody Lowry, Wren Long

First Grade: Jori McPeek, Awa'ska Miller, Alexis Johnson

Second Grade: Heavyn Choate, Lauren Lambert, Caleb Castillo

Third Grade: Blake Rehorst, Aiden Heide, Kayla Steele, Bridgett Byrd

Fouth Grade: Lexie Purcell, Audrina Adams, Alanna Miller, Jaxon Taglioli, Zoe Barrett

Fifth Grade: Abigail Genzlinger, Yaibeth Rivers Diaz, Kaelynn Swanstrom

WHITE-3rd place

First Grade: Mallory Buenzow

Third Grade: Misael Castillo

Fourth Grade: Ava Prunty, Lexie Purcell

Fifth Grade: Mallory Koch, Lily Steele

GREEN-4th place

First Grade: Jori McPeek

Fouth Grade: Oaklyn Soulek, Colton Cooper

Fifth Grade: Alayna Lambert

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School is kind of a big deal

Children will learn that school is a priority by your example. You are just as important in your child’s education as our teachers. Here are some ways to model the importance of school.

  • Arrive on time each day.

  • Know their teacher’s name.

  • Ask them questions about their day.

  • Listen with excitement and interest as they tell you about their day.

  • Look through their backpack and/or take home folder.

Attendance matters!!!

We are very proud of our attendance rates at Longfellow Elementary as we had a 97.95% attendance rate for the 2019-2020 school year (through third quarter when we closed school due to COVID)!!! We want to thank our parents for continuing to bring their child/ren to school each day and on time. Attendance is extremely important to the success of each child’s education. If you are eLearning, please ensure your child is on the teacher’s Google Classroom by 8:10 so they will be counted as present for school.

Thank you for making attendance and education a priority in your child’s life!!!


Our school focuses on students making good choices based on Habits of Mind. Each month, 2 habits will be highlighted. Each teacher will choose a student of the month who demonstrates that month's habits of mind. Way to go Lions! We are so PROUD of you!

October's habits of mind are:

Striving for Accuracy-Check it again!

Always doing your best. Setting high standards. Checking and finding ways to improve constantly.

Questioning and Problem Posing-How do you know?

Having a questioning attitude; knowing what data are needed and developing questioning strategies to produce those data. Finding problems to solve.

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Student of the Month


Evrhett Zilla is the BK student of the month! He always strives to do his best. Evrhett takes his time on his assignments and works hard at making sure he has completed his work correctly. I am very proud of him! Way to go Evrhett!


Annie Beinlich is KH's student of the month. Annie is a very hard worker and always strives to do her best. Annie will ask questions if is isn’t sure what to do. Annie has been a great role model in our class. I am proud of you Annie!


Josee McPeek is KN’s student of the month. Josee if a very hard worker and is always striving for accuracy! She knows how to ask questions and is always responsible! Way to go, Josee!


Jetzen Kok is the KR student of the month for October. Jetzen is a hard worker and that is evident in the work he turns in. He knows how to ask questions when needing clarification and takes responsibility for his learning each day. Keep up the great work Jetzen!


Jace Stemper is the student of the month for 1H. Jace is a thoughtful student who always does his best. He participates in discussions with questions and ideas. He takes his time and checks his work to strive for accuracy. Way to go Jace!


Leah Kampshoff is 1S's student of the month. This young lady does her best when working in the classroom. Leah asks questions to know more about what she is learning. Leah is a great first grade example of striving for accuracy and questioning & posing problems. Way to go Leah!


Melody Lowry is the student of the month for 1V. Melody works so hard on all her school tasks. She takes her time to do her best, always striving for accuracy. She asks great questions that really get our class thinking. You are amazing, Melody!


Skylar Lawson in 2B's student of the month. Skylar works very hard and strives to do her best in all of her work. I can count on Skylar to ask questions when she isn't sure and to put her best foot forward in all situations! Keep up the great work Skylar, you are an excellent example!


Noah Kampshoff is Mrs. McPeek's student of the month. Noah strives to do his very best in school. He works diligently to work through challenging situations. Noah is always ready to ask questions to better understand a topic. Great job, Noah!


Gabi Magnuson is 2J's Student of the Month! Gabi works hard to make sure her answer is correct before moving on. She always checks her work and asks questions to clarify. Way to go, Gabi!


Mason Munsen is 3B's student of the month! Mason is always double checking his work and striving for that accuracy! He is great at asking questions and getting others to think outside the box. Great job Mason!


Haylen Buchholtz is 3G's student of the month! Haylen is always doing her best work to strive for accuracy. She also asks questions to clarify that she understands the assignment. Keep up the good work Haylen!


Mason Hajek is 3K's student of the month. He is continually asking questions in order to learn the most that he can. He strives to be accurate never gives up until he is certain that it is his best work. I am proud of you, Mason!


Cruz Kurtenbach is 4N's student of the month! Cruz has been a rockstar in our classroom when it comes to doing the right thing. Not only does he strive for accuracy with his school work, but he always strives to have the best attitude. Cruz also asks awesome questions to get the rest of his classmates thinking and brings our classroom so much joy with his curious, "can-do" spirit. Way to go, Cruz! 4N is lucky to have you!


Lexy Schmidt is 4S's student of the month. Lexy has been striving for accuracy during math, she is always asking questions and asking for help when she needs it. Great job Lexy, keep up the hard work!


4/5K's Student of the Month is Cole Culver! During Math, Cole strives for accuracy each day with his assignments. He also asks great questions throughout the day. Way to go Cole!


Lexie Purcell is 5A's Student of the Month for October! Lexie works hard to make sure that she has the correct answer and that it is her best work before moving on. If she isn't sure about something, she will always ask for clarification before moving on. Great job, Lexie! I am proud of you.


Malia Heth is 5M's Student of the Month! Malia is always working hard, setting a great example for anyone in the room. She has been striving for accuracy during the school day! Not only is she always working hard, but she asks awesome questions throughout the day! Way to go Malia! I am so proud of you!

Tell Me About it

Some kids can’t wait to tell you all about their day and others are a little more reserved. Their day includes so many events that are big to them. You can ask questions such as:

  • What was your special today? (Music, PE, Guidance, Library, Art)

  • What did you have for lunch?

  • Did you read a book today? Or: Did your teacher read a book to you today?

  • What was your favorite part of school today?

  • What are you working on in Math?

  • What was the funniest thing that happened in class today?

Some kids are slow to open up but it is SO important to let them share with you. School takes up 8 hours of their day! Trust us, “nothing” is not an acceptable response to “What did you do in school today?”

When in doubt, fill it out

You are encouraged to fill out a free and reduced meal application at any time throughout the school year. When in doubt, fill it out. If you have not completed a new application for this school year, please do so by October 1, 2020. If you completed the 2020-2021 application already this year, then you should be good to do. You can create and manage
your child’s account online. Visit the district website and click on ‘Mealtime Online Access’ by using this link: www.themitchellkernels.com

Note: while all meals are currently free to all
students, when those grant dollars run out, the
free/reduced meal form will need to be in
place for those that are approved.

Art Room Notes

Welcome back to the Art Room, Longfellow Families!

We are already off to an exciting start to the year in our Art Room. Thanks to the help of some wonderful training on Chromebooks and use of the Swivl, we are utilizing technology to keep us creative like never before.

We will once again be posting all of our art projects on Artsonia, which not only lets us share the artwork with friends and relative far away, but also offers us a wonderful way to keep the growth of our artistic development through the years. The website serves to share feedback and appreciate for our young artists and lets us keep a visual record called a portfolio.

If you haven’t given permission for your child yet, let me know and I will have Artsonia re-send the parent permission email to your email address. There are several families whom I didn’t originally have emails for, so those students' artworks are not shared online for others to see. They are only visible to myself, the teacher and the student. My email is: April.geist@k12.sd.us

Artsonia is a wonderful way to earn funds for the art room through customized keepsakes. Artwork done at home can also be added to the gallery by having a parent account. Many families used this option during our time in quarantine last spring. It warmed my heart to view the amazing traditional crafts and unique opportunities that families created during that time.

Our art room has been well-supplied for this part of the school year, but with some unique projects coming up, I’ll ask you to look around at home and see if you can find a few odds and ends that will help us out this year:

· Cardboard rolls (paper towel and toilet tissue size)

· Cereal boxes-flattened please

· Q-tips and cotton balls

· Sanitizer wipes (if purchasable)

I look forward to working with your children and am always impressed and amazed to see how they grow, change, and create over the course of the school year. I hope you will always feel welcome in the art room and enjoy all the masterpieces that the 2020-2021 school year will bring.

Mrs. Geist

Art Teacher

Pick up/Drop off:

Please remember to go to the corner and cross the street with the crossing guards. Please do NOT encourage your child to cross in the middle of the street. We want to keep our students safe and set a good example.

free flu vaccine clinic

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 3-7pm

604 North Main Street

Mitchell, SD

For al children 6 months through 18 yeras of age ad college age adults. NO COST OR ADMINISTRATION FEE. Mask are REQUIRED for everyone 2 years and older. Consent forms must be completed prior to arrival at the Corn Palace. They can be printed from the newsletter. Some are available in the Longfellow Office. For questions, call Davison County Community Health Office at 995-8050.

Time for flu vaccines


~ No long lines & concession coupon with vaccination! ~

For all children 6 months through 18 years of age and college age adults.

(There is no administration fee & no cost for the vaccine)

DATE: Tuesday October 13th, 2020

TIME: 3:00PM - 7:00 PM

LOCATION: Mitchell Corn Palace

Masks are REQUIRED for everyone 2 years and older.

Consent forms must be completed prior to arrival at the Corn Palace. They can be printed from the County Website http://www.davisoncounty.org/departments/community-health-nurse/ or contact the Davison County Community Health Office at 995-8050 for a form.

Big picture

Our Fall book fair this year will be online due to COVID concerns from October 5-18.

Please visit https://www.scholastic.com/bf/longfellowelementaryschool35 to order for your child. Books make great gifts for Christmas and Birthdays!

Book, books, and more books!

Hello Longfellow Families! You may have noticed that your kids are bringing home lots of free books from Mrs. Beukelman. I am going to do it 1 more time this week. Your child will have the opportunity to pick an additional 3 books, for a total of up to 10 books they have received! These books were donated for a used book sale that unfortunately, we were unable to host, so I wanted to make sure our Longfellow Lions still benefited. Sincerely, Nikki Beukelman, Longfellow Librarian

A round of applause!

Annually, the Governor and South Dakota Board of Vocational Rehabilitation recognize state employers who have made strides in hiring people with disabilities. Since taking over as food service director in Mitchell, Leann Carmody has reached out to individuals with disabilities in our community and hired them for various jobs in our nutrition program. As a result of her and her staff's efforts, the program was nominated by Jill Beaton of Mitchell's Advisory Council for People with Disabilities. The Governor presented Mrs. Carmody with the state-level recognition at the Capitol Rotunda in Pierre on Tuesday, September 15.

Papa Murphy's Fundraiser

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 10am to Monday, Oct. 26th, 10pm

1801 North Main Street

Mitchell, SD

See the form, below, for details.