Currie Middle School

About My School

Hi Yasmin it feels good writing to you once again. Today I'm just going to tell you a couple of things I forgot to mention to you. To start with, I go to A.G Currie Middle School here in Tustin, California. Here in Currie we do lots of things like go to our daily class periods and work our way through the day studying for tests, learning new lessons everyday and of course talking to our fellow classmates and friends. Everyday in Currie there is somethiing new to do or donate to. Like today, today we just started a donating for 70(there are lots more)kids in need and wee can buy a card to write a note to our friend and on Christmas they will recieve the note and a candy cane. My everyday schedule is first go to my science class with Ms.Maciel, then go to my core class(3 classes in 1) with my wonderful teacher Mrs.Dibley, after that go to a class called den. In den we normally finish class work unfinished assignments or homework, and if not we read. After den I would go to my elective called STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. As I was saying, in STEM we are learning the arts of sketching and designing. After STEM I have lunch :) YUM, and then go to PE where I normally exercise, play basketball, and play physical games. Finally at the close end of my day at school I head over to my math class:). In my math class we most commonly learn a new topic every week. I practically feels like we barely learned something and now we are learning something new, but I still like my math class best of all my classes

About Tustin

I live here in Tustin, California. Here in California it is currently raining (yay). I live in a cozy,warm, and very comfortable apartment with the greenest grass and the friendliest kindest neighboors you can find. Usually here in California we don't get harsh weather conditions unless we get harsh rains or showers or earthquakes, but there not that big they're usually 3. something.