Sleeping on the Job

By: Patrice Walker


Patrice was suppose to be working, helping people at the doctors office. Instead of helping them she was sleeping while costumers were asking for help. She was then confronted about sleeping on the job by her boss and she lied to his face. Most of his patients where late because of her so to prevent this problem from happening again she got fired.

Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process

  • What is a ethical dilemma? Was sleeping on the job.
  • What are the facts of the situation?( at least 2). Lied about not sleeping.
  • What are the alternates and consequences?(2 each). Was fired and the customer left.
  • What decision would you make?I would have also fired her.
  • Why do you think that's the best decision to make? Yes after there have numerous of complaints yes, firing her would be the best decision.