Happy New Year !!!

January 5, 2016 Special Ed. Dept. Mtg. Notes

Welcome our New Folks!!

Jennifer Cripps-Ludlum (Dr. J) - Speech ( in place of Shevon Walker)

Amber McKinstry will be teaching CT US History/CT 11th LA (in place of J. Mason)

Jackie Brosnan - new para in SID/PID class (former grad of BHS)


1. All grades have been entered for all of my classes

2. All averages are correct in all classes

3. You have completed the Finalize grades step in each of your grade books

2nd semester Checklist (has been emailed to you as well)

Please complete the following within the first 5 days of second semester.

1. 1. Any remaining first semester IEPs/re-evals should be scanned and attached.
2. Review ALL second semester schedules to be sure that the student is in the correct classes.
3. Make sure students are not repeating a class they have already passed.
4. Send out goals/objectives and accommodation plans for any students who have different/new teachers this semester. Keep documentation that this was done.
5. Check co- taught rolls to be sure that the students are on the correct rolls.
6. Schedule all remaining IEPs and re-evals. BEST PRACTICE is to be done by April 1.
7. Update progress in IEP online (18 weeks). If you did not send home IEP Progress reports prior to the Winter Break, be sure to do it now.
8. Update your sub plans and emergency lesson plans if needed.

Please complete the following within the first 10 days of second semester. Thank you!

1. Review transcripts and update graduation check lists.

2. Be sure that all goals and objectives and data for 1st semester IEPS have been entered in STORI.

3.Be sure all IEPS are in alignment for next FTE count. VERY IMPORTANT that our numbers are accurate for next year.

a. We will have an alignment check on 1/15/16 and you will have 2 weeks to verify that all of your Spring IEPs are in compliance…Due date 1/29/16. I will get verification sheets to you by the 15th.

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Lots of 2nd semester changes:

1. Amy Bowles will be training with and taking over for Patti when she retires at the beginning of February. She will keep her Co-taught classes (1st, 5th and 7th) and her caseload. This begin today.

2. K. Wisenall will take Mason's 2nd and 7th Resource US History classes. Her Resource World History classes have been moved to 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th and she kept her GS during 4th. She will move from the World History BIT to the US History BIT during 4th period. (ext. day)

3. Amber McKinstry is taking all of Mason's Co-T US History classes with D. Bailey (1st, 5th and 6th). Wisenall's 3rd Co-T 11th LA with Cantrell will now also go to Amber. She will have 2nd Planning and 4A will be a newly created 9th grade GS to alleviate overcrowded 9th gr. GS's (Mason's GS was dissolved). Her homebase will be in T11 where Jennie was.

4. Delephia Riley will assume Amy Shaffer's 3rd period Study Skills (in C3) because Amy has to offer 2 sections of Resource Health this semester due to other scheduling issues in the school wide master. Riley's Planning goes back to 2nd period.

5. Shelly Thomas will assume Riley's 2nd period Resource Biology in C36 & her Planning goes back to 3rd period.

6. Paige Dodson will assume Amy Bowles' 2nd period Study Skills in C22.

7. Janice Samela will assume Amy Bowles' 6th Study Skills in C36.

8. Ollinger's 1st period Political Systems class has been moved to C30.

9. Riley's existing 10th grade 6A GS will move from Room C7 to Room C5, J. Madden's room (see email).

Please be sure to take a close look at the Master schedule that has been emailed to you to make sure you know where you are going for your classes tomorrow (and the rest of the semester). Please let me know if you see that I have double booked any classrooms so I can change fix it!!

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Who Won?? the kids from Mason's caseload...................I LOVE YOU ALL!!

If you got a student from Jennie's caseload, a folder has been put in your mailbox in the Special ed. workroom. This folder contains Jennie's notes about the student and other important papers she wants you to look at (such as: graduation checklist, transition questionnaire, emails, schedule, etc.)

Paras are moving the supplemental files and working files into your supplemental file drawers today - if there isn't room, they will move the working file to my office and I will email you to come get it to lock up in your room.

I will give you IEP online access to these students and have sent the list to the curriculum office to have them make you the caseload manager/'advisement' teacher in SASI. These kids should know you - they will miss Jennie - Love them, see them, tell them you are their person now!

A. Cox - Martin

S. Doan - Mynatt

A. Graham - Dodson

A. Green - Thomas

J. Nunez - Albury

D. Olorogun - Browning

C. Osorio - Ollinger

A. Petro - Shaffer

D. Swafford - Martin

V. Swinson - Shaffer

H. Walker - Samela

Let's make it to MLK Day!! Important Upcoming Events......

- Jan. 18th - Teacher/Student Holiday

- Jan. 19th - Dept. mtg. 2:25 C36

- Jan 26th/27th - Gateway retest

- Last week of Jan. - Just FYI...Middle school registration materials distributed at Crews and FFMS and I will go over and have teacher meetings - probably 25th, 26th or 27th.

- Last week of Jan. - reminder that Mid year implementation plan for RBES goals must be entered into PD & E tool

Monday Feb. 1st - 8am-11am - Sped. Vertical Team mtg. The Lodge (just fyi)

2:25 - Faculty Mtg.

5:15pm - 7:30ish - 8th grade Parent Nite (****need 4-5 volunteers to help

field questions from parents about HS****Email Me if you are willing to help please)

Feb. 2nd - FFMS - Registration Parent Conferences - all day

Feb. 4th - Crews - Registration Parent Conferences - all day

Feb. 10th - Wonderful Weds.

Fri. Feb. 12th - Middle school registration closes and HS registration ramps up

Monday Feb. 15th - Teacher Workday/Snow Makeup Day #1 - Week 6 of School

IEP DIPLOMA's - If you have a student who is on an IEP diploma...You MUST email the curriculum office and cc me...

to have them moved to their own section in SASI. If you have questions come see me ASAP. I will send an email to refresh you on IEP Diploma Option grading procedures.

IF YOU ARE A FLOATER and use someone else's room - please be kind and put things back like you found them.

Everyone is very particular about "THEIR SPACE". We are all adults...Please don't move, use, trash, harm, disrespect, deface, etc.,etc.etc, OTHER PEOPLE'S THINGS. WE LOVE EACH OTHER!! BE KIND!!!