Summer News from JHE

Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

As summer is upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the families at JHE. We had a wonderful 2014–15 school year filled with excitement, new adventures, tremendous academic achievement, and positive attitudes. Summer is a time to recharge, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors while spending time with family and friends.

Bus Driver Bob has a lot of school spirit!

Bus 99 (Bob Marshall) = Extraordinary Bus Driver

The following students:

Joshua Trifiletti, Jordan Zuk, Justice Hunter, Sadie Underwood, Ella Underwood, Tanner Bernard, Quinn Bernard, Brian Brink, Paige Brink, and Sam Carter were provided an opportunity to stay after school and show their school spirit by painting the Spirit Rock. Thank you so much to Bus Driver Bob for organizing this great initiative! The students painted the rock background in Gingerbread and followed up by signing each of their names.

In addition, Bus Driver Bob purchased a red nose in support of child hunger for every student rider on his bus. Bob is truly an amazing, compassionate person and a wonderful driver for our students!

Also in attendance were Bus Driver Bob’s wife and Mary Bezio (bus aide). In addition, Bus Driver Bob purchased a red nose in support of child hunger for every student rider on his bus. Bob is truly an amazing, compassionate person and a wonderful driver for our students!

Schedule updates for 2015-16 school year

  • CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) curriculum through Amplify for all students K–6—Please use the attached video link for more information on this program as well as the “Sequence at a Glance” chart
  • All Sixth graders will be provided with a Chromebook to access the digital components of Amplify's CKLA reading program
  • Hour blocks of instruction provide time to fully engage in activities
  • Spanish and Family Consumer Science offered to all Grade 6 students
  • PLTW K–4 built into students’ daily schedule like PE, art, and music
  • STEM 5–6 built into students’ daily schedule during technology time
  • Galway Scholars offered in the fall and spring from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Increased enrichment will include foreign language, STEM, and Architectural Design
  • School Banking continuation
  • Continuation of our successful support lab from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. for K–6 students
  • Band/chorus offered first period
  • Mentoring program for students at risk socially and/or emotionally
  • Recess and lunch back to back
  • 6-day rotation schedule is replacing M-F. Instead, we will have days 1-6. This ensures students will never continually miss the same special area if we have multiple days off that fall on the same day of the week
  • Reinstatement of scheduled library time in Grades K–2
  • Increased PE time for every grade
  • Continued core instruction blocks for Grades 4–6; students will receive instruction from each teacher within the grade level
  • 90+ minutes of ELA instruction every day
  • 60+ minutes of math instruction every day
  • Increased Arts in Education initiatives including classes such as Makey Makey, Opera to Go, The Puppet People, and much more
  • Common grade-level open house presentations to provide consistency and uniformity among and between all classes at each grade
  • Continued emphasis on providing differentiation within the classroom to meet the needs of our high-performing students as well as those requiring support
  • Grand opening of our school television station
  • Implementation of "Wee Deliver" to promote writing
  • K-6 ACES writing program implemented in Grades K-6
  • Schoolwide positive self-image initiative titled "How Full is Your Bucket"
  • Continued focus on automaticity of math facts through Math Facts in a Flash
  • Family Science Night K–6 in March
  • New Winter Ball for Grades 3–5 and 2nd annual Sweetheart Dance for Grades K–2
  • 4th annual K-6 Academic Pep Rally to encourage effort and achievement
  • Continued focus on creating a safe, positive, and fun school climate
CKLA sequence at a glance chart for each grade

The "At a Glance" chart provides an overview of the topics your child will experience at each grade as JHE begins using CKLA through Amplify Publishing.

CKLA Video

K-6 Reading Program

Fact Wizards!

Congratulations to Van Horvath and Meghan LaCerais. Both students achieved top honors in mastering the most levels (56) in Math Facts in a Flash. Both students were presented with an iPod touch for their hard work and dedication for doing their best! Keep up the great effort. Congratulations to the following students for reaching exceedingly high levels of success as well!

Level 41

Brian Alden

Kadence Aldrich

Logan Aldrich

Walter Bishop

Cody Burky

Camryn Carnevali

Casey Clarke

Kylee Decker

Shanley DeRidder

Isabella Dillon

Declan Dunn

Carson Eagan

Jackson Flint

Noah Flint

Jalene Graham

Ian Griesemer

Joseph Hahn

Isabella Hart

Adam Henderson

Amaya Hillard

Aaron LeClair

Samuel Mitchell

Sean Morse

Trishelle Oliver

Aubree Parkinson

Bella Rose Pecor

Ryan Ripepi

Alexis Rose

Jack Ryan

Dalton Sargent

Michelle Sherman

Myles Shippey

Gavriell Wenk

Level 42

Kiana Arey

Trevor Carnevali

Morgan Drouin

James Grogan

Emma Jordan

Stephanie Martin

Ty McDonald

Anna Meisenburg

Level 43

Heather Atkinson

Hannah French

Frank McCleneghen

Shana Reed

Anna Spadaro

Level 44

Nathan Baxter

Avery Gilman

Aidan LeClair

Joseph Scheeren

Grayson Signor

Ella Underwood

Michael Zelezniak

Level 45

Kaya Horvath

Emily Johnston

Leanne Rydzewski

Level 46

Ashleigh Heuser

Jordan Zuk

Level 47

Ben Jordan

Level 49

Brendan Shader

Level 55

Braden Boudreau

Anna Dabrowski

Accelerated Math Fluency-Formerly Math Facts in a Flash

This link will provide you with an in-depth look into Accelerated Math Fluency, known to JHE students as Math Facts in a Flash!

Please Save the Date

September 1, 2015, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. will be our back-to-school walk-through. Please use the attached link to print and send in your RSVP. We are not able to provide dinners if they are not pre-ordered. We will be partnering with our PTSA to sell cotton candy and snow cones as a sweet treat after the BBQ.

High Honor Roll

Congratulations to all of the students who worked so hard to achieve so much every quarter. High Honor Roll is awarded to those students who received Honor Roll status for all four quarters for Grades K–5 and Academic Scholar designation for Grade 6. The names of all of those who achieved this distinction will be displayed on a poster lining JHE’s Hall of Achievement. Criteria for the quarterly honor roll are as follows:

Honor Roll

  • Grades 3–6th, 85 or better on core subjects and at least 3E’s for effort
  • Grades K–2 grades, at least 7E’s in work habits. The emphasis for the younger students is to develop good work habits and effort

Attendance Policy and Award

The Galway Central School District recently adopted a new attendance policy. Unfortunately, JHE’s handbook had already been sent to the printer for the 2015–16 school year and will not contain the current policy. Please use this attached link to read the updated policy. Daily attendance has always been a very important part of children’s success at school, and thus, we try to recognize those who achieved perfect attendance with an end-of-the-year certificate. Unfortunately, this has led to some children attending school when they are indeed ill. Children’s health is a top priority, and we want to encourage children to attend school only when they are physically well enough to do so. Therefore, we will shift away from recognizing perfect attendance and now recognize outstanding character. The criterion for this award is as follows:

  • 3 or fewer excused absences inclusive of tardies and early dismissals
  • Demonstrates great character in and outside of the classroom
  • Demonstrates leadership characteristics
  • Demonstrates continual effort or improved effort throughout the year

Meet the Teacher-Save the Date!

Our 2015–16 “Meet the Teacher Night” is September 17, 2015. There are two starting times depending on what grade(s) your children are in. This is a time to meet the teacher, learn more about the curriculum, and visit your child’s classroom. Every grade level will begin with a group presentation discussing grade-level expectations. We will be providing consistency within each grade level regarding homework, grading, and curriculum. The grade-level presentation will discuss the grade level’s curriculum, schedule, and homework expectations while allowing time for parents to meet their child’s teacher and see their child’s classroom. This evening is meant as an informational evening for parents only. We look forward to meeting all of you during this evening event.

  • Grades 3–6 Meet the Teacher will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Grades K–2 Meet the Teacher will be held from 6:45 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
  • Special Areas will be available from 6:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. or 7:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for parents to visit

More information will follow after school begins.

Your labels are appreciated!

Thank you to the many families for providing JHE with their labels. We earned $1250! A special thanks to Mrs. Agresta for cutting, organizing, and securing our winnings! The money will go toward our library!

Class Assignments-School Tool

Beginning in August, parents will be able to log on to School Tool to view their child’s teacher. I have provided a video link with directions for those who already have an account. Parents who do not have an account may email to have an account set up. This account will allow you to log on throughout the upcoming school year and review your child’s information on School Tool. Parents of students in Grades K–2 will be able to view report cards, progress reports, attendance, and demographic details. Parents of children in Grades 3–6 will be able to view report cards, progress reports, assignments, attendance, and demographics. We will also mail home class assignments letters. Tremendous time and effort go into balancing the class lists while meeting the needs and concerns parents have expressed in the character letters. Therefore, changes to class assignments will not be made once lists are sent out. Thank you for trusting the staff at JHE to place your child in the classroom which best meets his or her needs.

School Tool Parent Portal

With a Parent Portal account, parents/guardians have web access to the following student information:

• Student Record (basic information)

• Contact Information

• Schedule

• Attendance (daily and course absences)

• Discipline

• Grades (Marking Period Averages and Final Grades)

• Assignment Grades for Grades 3–6

• Email communication with teachers and counselors

*Progress Reports and Report Cards Are Available on the Portal*

Existing Account Holders

Please remember that your logon “name” is the email address you used when you created your account. If you currently have an account but do not remember your password, click “forgot password” after you enter your username (email address). Please do not request a new account if you are a current account holder who has forgotten your password. You may reset the password on your own or contact us at if you require assistance.

Need an Account?

The Parent Portal provides information about a student’s attendance, grades, and progress for any student enrolled in Grades K–12. If you would like to request an account, please use the link below for further instructions.

School Tool Parent Portal Directions

Please call the main office with any questions. 518-882-1291 ext. 4240.

New Staff Additions and Room Changes


We bid farewell to Mrs. Martell (Grade 1), Mrs. Jackowski (Director of Pupil Services), and Mrs. Sniezyk (School Nurse) in June. They will be missed by the staff, students, and families of JHE.

We welcome Mrs. Lindsey Carlson. Mrs. Carlson be team teaching in third grade with Mrs. Kempf. She was recently a special education teacher in Catskill and resides with her husband in Scotia.

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Stephanie Cash (soon to be Mrs. Hogan) to first grade. Ms. Cash served as a part-time literacy coach for JHE during the 2014–15 school year. She resides in Saratoga Springs.

Welcome back to Mrs. Katherine McCleneghan. Mrs. McCleneghan will serve as a sixth grade teacher. Mrs. McCleneghan was previously employed at JHE as an enrichment teacher and most recently worked at WSWHE BOCES in the same capacity.

Please take time to stop in and visit with our new school nurse, Mrs. Janet Kramer. Mrs. Kramer began transitioning in June and is very excited to meet the children and families of JHE.

Ms. Kathy Burns will take over interim roles and responsibilities as Director of Pupil Services. She will begin his official duties in late July until a successor is found.

We officially welcome Mrs. Amy Ferguson, Mrs. Deb Baldwin, and Ms. Diane Kriser as educational aides at JHE.


Mrs. Yerdon is now a 4th grade teacher in room 116.

The School Nurse will be located in room 801. She will be sharing the office with Mrs. Colby, HS School Nurse. The sharing of the nurses’ office will allow for coverage at all times and better ensure the safety of all children. The nurses’ office was combined for many years and allowed the nurses to better collaborate and meet the needs of our students. We are currently working with both nurses on room layout and protocol to ensure maximum privacy and a safe, secure environment for all children.

The Director of Pupil Services office will be housed in the old nurses’ office by the gymnasium.

Organizations associated with JHE!

Head Start is located at Galway Central School District. Please call 518-882-7270 extension 3484 for specific questions related to this program.

YMCA provides an after school program at Galway Central School District to students enrolled at JHE. The hours are 2:30-6:00. Please contact Jennifer Bradt at 518-399-8118 extension 3360 for more information regarding this program.

First Day of School

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 8, 2015.