the disadvantages smog has on the world

What really is smog?

Smog is a type of air pollution that is combined with smoke and fog, it kills plants and people.

Disadvantages of smog in China

Of course smoke will hurt the trees but smoke filling in our lungs isn't going to keep us healthy either. An article which I write a summary about talks about how because pollution factories and old vehicles ( cars, trucks, planes etc ) the smog has grown worse and its not healthy and safety at all.

Pictures Of Smog in Beijing

Advantages of Smog in China

No one really benefits from the smog, but Chinese Media has listed five things on why smog is "good"

1. It unifies Chinese people

2. Makes them equal

3. Raises citizen awareness the cost of China's economic development

4. It makes people funnier

5. It makes people knowledgeable

I honestly think that they aren't really taking it seriously there are people,animals and plants dying of the smog and it's not really an advantage at all in my opinion.

Is Anyone Helping?

China has a 215 million dollar investment trying to figure things out, I think they should have a type of medicine or shot they have to take annualy,monthly, or weekly or try to find a type of machine that could clear the sky. Some citizens of China want to shut down all of the factories and basically stop using cars also or at least old ones. It's been several years since they had the investment but they haven't really found anything or we just haven't heard anything about it.