Cortland High School Newsletter

December 2022

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Vitamin Z in Print

“We need to make the Positive so loud that the Negative is almost impossible to hear.”

There is so much positive going on, let’s spread it around and make it loud. Here at Cortland HS, we are spreading our positivity in a new way. You can get your weekly dose of Vitamin Z on Tik Tok now. Simply follow @vitaminz_chs. We are releasing old Vitamin Z videos Monday-Thursday. New episodes drop on Fridays!


News from the Nurse

Every 9th and 11th grader needs to have a current physical on file within the last 12 months. If your child has not had one, they will be added to the list of school physicals starting on November 7th. Also every 11th grader will need to be screened for hearing and near/far vision. If this information is not on the current physical, they will be added to the list of school screenings starting in November as well.

As always if your child is sick, please keep them home and call attendance at 607-758-4084.

The nurses office wishes you and your family a very safe and Happy Holiday season.

Vickie Myers RN 607-758-4194

Fax 607-423-4033


Counseling and Guidance

Seniors will continue to work with their School Counselors to create a post-graduation plan. We are strongly encouraging seniors to check the Scholarships site a few times a week for new ones.

Juniors continue to explore their strengths and post-graduation interests ie: college, employment, military, local vocational/apprenticeship opportunities individually, in classrooms and with their School Counselor.

Sophomores will be offered the opportunity to explore 2 year Career and Tech Ed programs in February or March at BOCES. Look for permission slips in January.

Freshman meetings will start following the Thanksgiving holiday. Students will review MP1 grades and revisit their 4 year plan for high school to ensure they are on a path towards graduation.

All students and parents are encouraged to explore the resources on our Counseling and Guidance page as it is continually changing with relevant and necessary information.


Health and Wellness

The Holidays are supposed to be happy and joyous. However, sometimes they can be stressful and sad. Here are four steps you can take to help support your mental health throughout the holiday season according to the National Association of Mental Health (NAMI).

  1. Accept your Feelings: Sometimes we have a mix of emotions around the holidays. This is absolutely “normal” for many people. Acknowledge them rather than guilting yourself.

  2. Maintain Healthy Habits: i.e. eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, and continue counseling and medication management if required.

  3. Set Boundaries: Say “No” if finances are difficult and you can’t afford pricey gifts or limit your time with family and friends if it causes you stress.

  4. Make Time to Connect: Connection and meaning are crucial parts of maintaining our mental health. Spend time with your most valuable people and find time for your own self-care i.e bubble baths, reading, walking, massage, games, meditation, yoga etc.

Help is always available: Visit


Regents and Honors Physics

Students in Regents and Honors Physics have been investigating projectile motion. They started with an engineering project to design a rocket to go as far as possible. They then performed experiments to learn about the physics of projectiles to optimize their design.


Earth Science

Earth Science students were able to visit the traveling BOCES Planetarium last week. Students were able to explore sunrise and sunset, constellations and planetary movements all from the comfort of the planetarium bubble! Big thanks to the HS Library staff for hosting!


Forensic Science

Forensic Science students have started their Pattern Evidence unit. Students are discovering footwear impressions and have even submitted a few pictures of their own footwear impressions in the recent snow!



This year, we brought back the Sculpture and Ceramics class and it is overflowing with students! We embarked on a cardboard construction unit inspired by our studio pets: our three guinea pigs, Winnie Houston, Poppy New Guinea and Alaska Thundermunch. Students worked alone or in groups to build guinea pig playgrounds, mazes, enrichment rooms, and racetracks. The students had to think about safety, scale, and strength in their projects, as well as aesthetics. One group gave aesthetics a lot of thought, going so far as to create an art gallery in what they named the Piggy Palace. (see photo of the piggies enjoying the artwork)


English 201 (Public Speaking)

Students presented persuasive speeches from November 21 - November 23 that were targeted to local issues. The speeches were recorded and links to them will be available sometime in the next few weeks.

10th grade Enriched English students have undertaken a serious study of the American education system with an eye to offering evidence-based solutions to identified areas for improvement.


District Orchestra Concert

The District Orchestra Concert is Thursday, December 15th at 6:00 PM. Come out and see the Senior High Chamber Orchestra perform! Those participating in the concert should plan to be at the school between 5:00 and 5:15 so we can tune, warm up, and have yearbook pictures taken. Students should dress nicely; black/white is not required. We hope to see everyone there!


New Media Art

Students in New Media are learning about the art element of SPACE. Specifically one point perspective. With their prior understanding of texture, value and forms students are creating some really brilliant room designs!
Students in New Media 2 are working on creating stick figure cinema.



Looking for a good book to read over the holiday break? Check out these new titles and many more at the library! Stop by the library, we have new books arriving all the time. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask and we’ll see if we can borrow it for you from another library.
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