A World Away

By: Nancy Grossman

Brianna Whetstone

A World Away is about and amish girl who has just turned the age of rumspringa, where you get to leave the amish life for a set amount of time set by your parents. Eliza has never seen a movie, wore jeans, called someone. so when Eliza is old enough she meets a woman Rachel Aster who is looking for a new nanny to watch after her kids and who will help around the house. Eliza considers it and tells her parents and they forbid her to go until, they realize she is old enough to make her own choices. while at Rachels she meets a boy named Josh they start falling in love which is way against amish rules, where you will get shunned for dating an english person. Her aunt was shunned so her parents were very scared and protective of her going to rachels for the summer. When Eliza was at Rachels she got a letter from her mother,and eliza goes to the address that was on the letter. She finds out that is the home of her aunt. Later when Josh and Eliza hang out all the time, Rachel gets suspicious. Rachel warns eliza that if her and josh get to close she will have to go back home. then Eliza and Josh hide their relationship that has gone to far from Rachel.
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