Putting it all together!


Up to this point we have learned how to use Noteflight and Audacity. In this lesson you are going to learn how to put them together into one audio file!

Step 1 - Creating a Folder

Create a folder that will hold all of your project files and export finished files.

  • Name this folder "Audacity Project"

Step 2 - Creating a Noteflight Melody

  • Click Here to open Noteflight! (Log in with your Full Name and "music". If your log in does not work contact me ASAP! DO NOT submit the assignment telling me you do not have a log-in.)
  • Go to New Score
  • Select "Treble Clef" and hit okay.
  • Begin writing a melody of at least 10 measures!
  • Give it a title and don't for get to "SAVE"

Step 3 - Gathering Noteflight Melody

Once you are happy with your Noteflight Melody:
  • Click the "Export" button
  • Here you want to use the drop down to change the File type to WAV audio.
  • Then press OK
  • This will put the file directly in your downloads folder.
  • Find the file and move it to the "Audacity Project" folder that you created!

Step 4 - Combining in Audacity

  • Open Audacity on your computer.
  • Go to File - Import - Audio...
  • Find your Audacity Folder and select the Noteflight file you exported.
  • Press "Open" - You will notice that the file is in Audacity!
  • Press play and hear what they sound like together!
Big image

Step 5 - Using Audacity

Now that you have your Noteflight file in Audacity you can manipulate it just as you did with with your voice in our practice Audacity lessons.

Now add a recording of yourself singing, playing an instrument, playing a virtual instrument or a rhythm.

Virtual Instrument Resources

Virtual Piano

Virtual Guitar

Virtual Drums

Click Here to remember how to record virtual instruments!

Step 6 - Finalizing the project

Once you are satisfied with your project you are ready to export it!

  • This will make your final recording!
  • In Audacity go to File - Export.
  • Give your file the name "lastname_Audacity_Final"
  • Find your Audacity Folder
  • Press "Save"
  • A warning box will display just press "OK"
  • The edit Metadata box will show just press "Ok"
  • At this point you should have a finished recording.
Find the recording in your Audacity Folder and listen to it!

Congratulations you just produced your first Song with Melody and Accompaniment!