Who Am I?

P2 Curriculum Letter, Friday 16th January 2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, we hope everyone had a wonderful break. To the new families who have just joined us at the start of the year, a special welcome from the Prep 2 team!

Over the next five weeks we will be following a unit of work titled ‘Who am I' (Ourselves) which focuses on children learning about their home countries and host country (Singapore). For many children they also see Singapore as their home country as they were born here and live here. So we will explain the distinction as your ‘family heritage’ – where Mummy and Daddy were born!

Key Learning Goals

During this unit, we will be focusing on the following goals -


1.9: Describe the geographical features of the schools site and other familiar places

1.10: To be able to make made plans of real and imaginary places, using geographical terms

1.11: Be able to use maps at a variety of scales to locate the position and simple geographical features f the host country and their country


1.4: Be able to respect one another's individuality and independence

Building our Knowledge

Throughout this unit we will also be focusing on these knowledge based learning targets.

1.1: To know that people have individual characteristics (Society)

1.2: To know that different cultures in different localities have different food, clothing, housing and social rules (Science)


1.1: To know that children within the class and school have different home countries

Our International Understanding

Our international goal is:

1.4: Be able to respect one another's individuality and independence.

The children will achieve this goal by finding out about the similarities and differences between our own countries and that of our peers.

Other Curriculum Areas


We will be developing our knowledge and understanding of different numbers by counting on and backwards to 20. The children will learn mathematical terms related to numbers and will use one to one correspondence by finding out how many members they have in their family.

Language Arts

In Language Arts we will be writing journal recounts about our weekend and consolidating our knowledge on Jolly Phonic sounds. We will introduce the Daily 5 activities and launch our writers workshop.


In Art we will be linking to the classroom unit titled Who Am I? We will explore how to draw and photograph portraits of ourselves and others. Children will become knowledgeable about the artist Andy Warhol and his style of Pop art. To help with this project, we will develop skills in drawing and digital art as well as reflecting on our art in order to improve our work.


In swimming this term we will be developing the children’s water confidence, with a variety of games and activities. We will be focusing on body position, streamlining and leg action in this first short Unit of work, (4 weeks), before working on stroke technique later in the year

In Land PE this term, we will be introducing the children to more challenging Fundamental movement skills, which will develop their established ‘A, B,C’s (Agility Balance and Coordination movement skills). The children will be developing these skills within invasion games.

  • Children will develop defending skills learnt in Prep 1 and be able to use them in competitive situations.
  • Children will know the difference between attacking and defending and be able to show this knowledge
  • Children will develop the skills of throwing, catching and moving into space

Children will develop an understanding of how to communicate using voice, eye contact and body language


In Chinese, we are working on Unit 1: Myself and My Family

- Learn about body parts and five senses

- Learn to address family members

- Learn about nationality


In Music, we will begin a unit titled “Keep the Beat, Move your Feet”. Pupils will begin to expand and reinforce their knowledge of beat and rhythm using instrument and movement. Pupils will begin to understand pattern in music and be able to identify whether sounds are long or short.

Our learning community

The Learning journey is a collaboration between teachers and parents and we know the interest you take in your child’s work.

As we progress through this unit, it would be fantastic if you can help to build the children's knowledge and understanding by discussing the work they are engaged in at school. A few things you can discuss together are:

1) The differences between their home and host country

2) The differences between different cultures of children in your class

3) The geographical location of different countries around

As always the children love having their parents involved in the learning journey. We are keen to hear from you if you have any area of experience that may lend itself to this unit.

We are also asking for a few parent volunteers to work with their child on a short presentation (no longer than 20 minutes) on their home country. This could begin with a short 5 minute talk followed by an activity. A sample of the home country food could also be an option (please keep in mind any allergies in your child’s class). If you choose to present to your class the class teacher will provide you with a PowerPoint template to use. Kindly refrain from discussing the celebrations in your country as children in Grade 1 engage in a Unit of Work focusing on this. Please let us know if you are keen to share information about your country by Friday 23rd January.

Could we also request that if children have any of the following from their home country to please send them in?

  • Dress up clothes
  • Magazines or newspapers
  • Post cards and flags
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Books
  • Music

By now you would have also received an A3 laminated piece of card with your child's name and the flag of your home country. This is your 'All about us' board to share special moments memories, likes, family members etc. Please help your child to decorate it however they would like. We in prep2 understand the pressure of family life and would also like you to enjoy this experience of making a poster to celebrate your family together. This poster will be due back on Monday 23rd February 2015 after the Chinese new year break. We hope you enjoy making them as much as we enjoy seeing them

Our Entry Point

We will start of this very exciting IPC unit with a lovely 'show and tell about our 'home' countries!

On Monday 19th could you please send a small “suitcase” with a few items unique to their home country. Eg small toy London bus, boomerang, scarf etc. We will celebrate what the children bring in on Monday by creating a display with the suitcases and items at in our classes. As the week goes along each child will have an opportunity to present their suitcases and items and share why and how they are special to their home country. This will be the first opportunity for the children to share in front of the class. As you maybe aware, show and tell can be difficult for some children and as such we ask you to rehearse what the items are and why you have them in your home country.

It is very important that your child feels confident and comfortable when speaking in front of his/her peers.

You can help your child feel more confident by practising what they are going to say, talking about the item they bring in or even modelling show and tell at home yourself or with another sibling. We will model show and tell ourselves and share our suitcases on Monday morning.

Our Exit Point

We will be celebrating the children's learning with an international cultural day on Friday 27th February. This will be an opportunity for the children to go on a magic world tour experiencing a variety of different activities from different countries. To prepare for this lovely end to the unit please decide with your child what dish you would like to bring in from your home country and what national dress or clothing your child will wear.

Personal Goals

The personal goals we will be focusing on throughout the unit are: