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Why we do what we do...

One of the ideas that has surfaced through working with Cris Tovani and her coach, Sam Bennett is - do you know WHO has your back? Meaning, know the researchers and best practices that you utilize in your classroom.

By looking at research and putting in to action, that research and beliefs, you can insure that your are maximizing student learning in your classroom. Here are a few pieces of research that might be of interest to you. Pick a category, these are short reads, but can help you validate and stretch your thinking about who has your back!

Student Engagement & Motivation:



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Data Director Reminder & Your Writing Assessment

As you recall, the assessments, tied to the standards have been created and are housed in Data Director. Here are steps for you to follow to duplicate the assessment so you don't spend time creating the assessment from scratch. Please note the 8th grade assessment ID has changed.

1. Go to, Scroll to Staff Links, Data Director Staff.

2. Once in Data Director, CLICK Assessments.

3. CLICK Find Assessment.

4. Type in the asssessment ID, and CLICK Search

  • 6th Grade- 6439
  • 7th Grade- 6441
  • 8th Grade- 6592

5. CLICK on the blue box with what looks like two documents on it.

6. CLICK Duplicate.

7. Once the assessment has been duplicated, CLICK Edit Assessment and rename it to reflect your content.

8. Once the assessment has been created, you can print bubble sheets, hand enter your scores, or create a spreadsheet with each students scores on it to be entered by Shawn.

You will also need to set the Sharing Rules.

1. Under “Site Sharing Rules”, CLICK Add Sharing Rule.

2. CLICK on Northgate Middle, then District Administrator- Teacher, Year, and Grade Level ( ex. Below, gives rights to all teachers who have 6th graders). Scroll to Set Rules below.

3. Scroll, and CLICK all the buttons to YES, just to be safe. CLICK Add.