Darwin's Postulates of Evolution

Mauricio Scala

Charles Robert Darwin, was an English naturalist and a geologist, ut he was best known for his contributions to the theory of evolution with his book "On The Origin of Species". In this book, which talks about the bases of evolution, Darwin mentions four postulates which are:

  1. Individuals within a species are variable
  2. Some of these variations are passed on to offspring
  3. In every generation, more offspring are produced than can survive
  4. Survival and reproduction are not random; organisms with favorable variation survive and continue reproducing

It is through this four postulates that the process of Natural Selection and the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life are shown.

Survival and reproduction are not random; organisms with favorable variation survive and continue reproducing

As I stated in the previous postulate, what this fourth postulate that Darwin stated in his book "On The Origin of Species" refers to the survival of the fittest. The offsprings created all have a similar but unique set of traits that makes the fittest ones survive. Each offspring is better suited for something, either a type of environment, or a type of food, or for fighting, but it is up to them to find their strong suit and use it in order to survive and live to give birth someday, to continue passing on their family genes. This postulate is truly important in evolution because it is what makes species to adapt to certain things and through evolution, grow a stronger species, being able to survive the harsh environment. For example, the chameleons were an easy prey for everyone in the jungle since they are not good at protecting themselves and are slow creatures so they adapted and are now able to change their skin color and shield themselves from predators by stealth.
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