Pro's And Con's to Texas Annexation

By: Ethan Montandon

Pro's to join the United States

Pays Texas debt (brought up by Pres. Lamar)

Protection by US Army.

Reasons U.S.A. wanted Texas.

More land.

And strong land

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Reasons U.S.A. did not want Texas.

The North did not want them Because they were a slave state and that would give slaves the upper advantage.

Con's to Annexation

Some did not want to join the US because, they had fought so hard to get independence that some thought is was for nothing. Some thought Texas would sore!!! and become a great country.

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Dear Santa Anna,

When we captured you, You signed a form/ document stating you would reconize Texas as a republic. Please do as you signed, and stop trying to gain us back. We might join the US and there is nothing you can do about it. We will be protected by the US Army so good luck wining the war. You need to let us go!!! and STOP TRYING TO REGIAN US.


Pres. Sam Houston