by: Kasey Ferguson & Madison Sturdivant


  • Continent: Asia
  • Nearest Bodies of Water: Yellow Sea and East China Sea
  • Surrounding Countries: Bangladesh and Bhutan
  • Capital and Major cities: Hong Kong and Beijing
  • Size: 3.705 million mi.square
  • Land forms: Land of the Red flame and The colorful bank
  • Natural resources: Coal, Iron ore, and Copper


  • Major industries: Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Telecommunication
  • Trade: Electronic equipment, Machines, Engines, and Pumps
  • Currency: 1 Chinese Yuan = .15 US dollars


  • Government type: Communist
  • Head of Government: Premeir
  • Military: 2.1 million active personnel, tanks and machine guns
  • Allies: Russia and India
  • Enemies: France and Germany


Current Events (25 years ago to now)

  • They are still fixing their stock market
  • Chinese are angry at 1.8 billion US weapon deal with Taiwan
  • China is the most polluted country
  • China's government revises growth targets down
  • Ends one child policy

Social Structure

  • Class System: 1) Brahmins 2) Kshntriyas 3)Vaisyas 4) Sudras 5) Pariah
  • Religion: Taoism, Buddhism, Islamism, and Catholicism
  • Ethnic Groups: Zhuang, Vyghur, and Hui are the major ethnic groups
  • Life Expectancy: 75 (2012)
  • Languages Spoken: Standard Mandarian
  • Education: Largest education system in the world