Lithuania (2004)

kendall wallace

The flag

The flag colors are Yellow, Green, and Red. The yellow means the golden fields, sun, light, and goodness. Green means the forest on the countryside also in the nature, freedom, and hope. The red is for courage and the blood spilled on in defense of the homeland.


Did you know that the capital is Vilnius? Also did you know that there parliamentary democracy?
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They mostly all speak Lithuanian. With the Lithuanian is about 82%. But also there is Russian with is about 5.8%, Polish with is 6.6%, Other is about a 0.9%, and an unspecified is about 3.5%. (this was all in 2011.)


Unemployment rate is about a 12.4% and that is only in 2013. they also have thyere public dept. is 40.2% and then the Reserves of foreign exchang and gold is about 10.37 billon