Mrs. Gilley's Rules



In Mrs. Gilleys class you have to be respectful, kind and honest when you get in trouble you should do it in all classes not just Mrs. Gilley's classroom. well you have to do it every were. Here are some stuff you need to be a class pet or have good manners in your first day

  • be kind
  • be honest
  • have good manners
  • follow instruction the the first time
  • follow the rules to be safe
  • don't be a bully
  • don't back talk to the teacher
  • don't be mean
  • don't bring candy
  • most of all make new friends

there are good things about being in Mrs. Gilley's classroom you get brain breaks,candy if the teacher says its okay you get party's on a holiday sometimes for no reason she gives you extra reuses for no reason she does fun activities this is the best teaccher i every had i love her so much we are family.