Nelson Mandela and F.W DeKlerk

What they are doing to create equal rights

Life Under Apartheid

Apartheid affects every aspect of life. All South Africans are divided into three racial categories: Non-whites, whites, and/or colored. Now, blacks and coloreds are being relocated to homelands, also known as townships.Because of this move, all blacks and coloreds lost their citizenship. If you live in these townships and are not considered a "citizen", you are required to carry passbooks 24/7. These are mandatory to carry and to show an officer, if asked. Apartheid also allowed officers, or any white, to penalize any colored or black if they were to protest against things they thought were wrong, even if they used violence or not. The punishments including imprisonment, being beaten, tortured, and in some cases, killed.

What Is Apartheid?


What is Apartheid? Apartheid is a policy or system of segregation on grounds of race.This affects coloreds and black South Africans greatly. They are required to stay in terrible townships, carry passbooks, and suffer awful consequences for many things. Black South Africans and coloreds tried to end Apartheid and got a a lot of help from Nelson Mandela and F.W DeKlerk.