What's Happening This Week

Staff Information February 18 - 22

Events This Week

Monday February 18

  • Staff Committee at lunch
  • Lynn and Phil away at Library Commons Mtg
  • Chinese New Year Assembly 1:00 p.m.

Tuesday February 19

  • Divisions 6 - 16 to Bell Centre in the a.m.
  • New Schools Round Closes

Wednesday February 20

  • PAC Meeting 6:30 p.m. in the Library
  • Boys Basketball Play Day at Chimney Hill

Thursday February 21

  • New Server Installation (Expect Internet Problems)
  • Girls Basketball Play Day T.E. Scott

Friday February 22

  • New Server Installation (Expect Internet Problems)

UPCOMING EVENTS..........Please see below........

IXL Math

Online Math that supports the PLO's

Pat, Sandra, Sylvia, Rachel and Trudy are using IXL (online math program) on a trial basis, and so far the reviews seem to be positive. IXL can be used in the class to supplement your math program and/or at home for extra student practice. If classes are committed, the school can look at a class or site license after you use up your thirty day free trial. Just google IXL and go from there:)