From 2nd Grade

Thank You

Thank you for all of the love shown this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. I loved all of the thoughtful gifts. There was a student led appreciation for an afternoon recess on Friday, "She's giving us a afternoon recess guys we should appreciate it! It is Teacher Appreciation week!" This made my week, thank you for speaking so positively about it at home, it really showed in the students.


Students have studied the attributes of shapes. They began building 3-d shapes in class and also looking around the house for items for the class shape museum. The focus of this week has been on identifying the parts of 3-D shapes. Hold up a cube and ask your child how many faces it has? Also ask your child to describe a prism for you.

The Changing Earth

We have used Kahoots, presentations and videos as a review method for many subjects this year. After the completion of the Erosion unit, students created a Kahoot, blog post or iMovie to summarize their learning and understanding of the unit. A few students worked on their projects at home and came up with very interesting questions. We will continue to play & view presentations this week.

Fun Run May 20th

It's Fun Run time again! If you haven't created your child's page, please click the link below to get started. If you register by today, your child will receive a free STEAM t-shirt. Below are 2 videos you can watch to give you more info about this great all school event.
Fun Run Pledge Page

Create a page for your child here.

Important Dates:

  • 5/20 - Fun Run
  • 5/21 - Heritage Festival
  • 5/30 - No School