Van Horne View

September 2014

This Week

Students used their previous knowledge to identify story elements this week including characters, setting, problem, solution and author's purpose. They read the story called Amazing Grace then demonstrated understanding with the technology activity. Wednesday we focused on respect and responsibility for our district Wylie Way Day. That worked well with our lesson about what good citizens do and how they help people and the community. We also tied that to how we should practice those great choices at school.

Reading Logs

You may have noticed that the students have a half booklet in their orange folders. This is their reading log for this year. If you look inside you will notice that students have made a goal for third grade this year. All students have chosen to read at least forty books, some have chosen a higher goal. This means they need to read at least one book a week. While this does not designate a certain number of minutes read per day, it does mean they should be working to complete a book each week and record the book title in their reading log.

How can you help? I remind students daily to keep up with their reading so they are on track to complete a book each week. You can support that effort at home by checking their log, making sure to remind them to record their completed books, and ensuring they keep that log in their orange folder all the time. It will be easy for you to tell where the books should be logged since we have broken down each nine weeks into sections which include the dates for that nine week.

I hope students will improve their reading with this effort and will feel the sense of accomplishment when they have completed this task at the end of third grade. By the way, I am working on completing my forty books too!

Coming Up

We will be doing some predicting for this week and discussing what students think will happen in a story without dialogue. Then they will decide if the prediction were correct or not. Writing activities will be focusing on the story too. Social Studies will focus on the leaders in our community, state and country. We will participate on the next district Wylie Way Day coming up Wednesday. We will also learn what communities give us, how communities meet our needs, and how the community finances those needs. Remember to put our Cox Parent University on your calendar for this Thursday, Sept 11 at 7:00.