November 2021 - News from Hive Society

Hive Society Mission

Hive Society is a collective dedicated to enhancing our climate and culture by recognizing the caring individuals committed to fostering belonging and connection in the Center family.

Dear Center School District Staff,

Hello and Happy November, Center Staff! In this month of Thanksgiving, let us all take a moment to show each other how grateful we are to have such wonderful colleagues. In November, we celebrate the following recognition days:

  • 11/08/2021: Parents As Teachers Recognition Day
  • 11/11/2021: Veterans Day (Please email if you are a veteran or have a family member actively serving in our military. We want to honor you/them.)
  • 11/15/2021: School Psychology Awareness Week

In this Issue:

  • Hive Society Halloween
  • What's Happening/Reminders
  • Hive Society Honors
  • Nominate a Colleague
  • 40 Seconds of Calm
  • Calendar of Recognition Days

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What's Happening/Reminders


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Congratulations, Ms. Devon Strahm, 3rd Grade Teacher at Red Bridge Elementary

Your Hive Society is so excited to announce October’s Employee of the Month. This person was nominated and voted on by her peers as the individual who expects the best from each and every student every day and encourages students to reach for the stars!

Ms. Strahm's nomination stated, “Devon sets high expectations for all students, at all ability levels. She works hard to differentiate her lessons so that her students achieve success. She plans small group instruction so that each student knows where they are in their learning progression, and knows what they need to do to get to the next step. Students have high expectations and they WANT to meet them. She is a role model for teaching math in our building. I can only hope to emulate her.”


Nominate a Colleague

Deadline: November 10

November’s Hive Society Employee of the Month will exemplify our core value of safe and respectful schools.

November’s nominee helps make Center School District a place where students and staff are free to be themselves and further discover who they actually are. This person helps everyone around them feel safe not only physically but also emotionally. This is someone who is respectful of everyone – no matter the circumstance.


Pick one affirmation from below. Repeat it on your inhale and exhale using this five-finger breathing technique:
  1. Start by placing one hand in front of you or on the ground.
  2. Spread your fingers apart.
  3. Using the pointer finger of the opposite hand, begin to trace up the outside of the thumb as you inhale deeply.
  4. Trace down the inside of the thumb as you exhale.
  5. Repeat this for the remaining fingers making sure to inhale as you trace up the finger and exhale as you trace down.
  6. Pause afterward to reflect on feelings and repeat as needed.
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Hive Society Recognition Days: We look forward to celebrating the following groups/individuals District-wide per the calendar below. (We follow DESE's recognition day calendar.)
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Help When You Need It

Your EAP provides countless resources to help you tackle some of the most stressful things in life. Use employer code "CenterSD" to access the New Directions site and resources.

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