7 Burgundy Newsletter


Upcoming Events

  • No School Jan. 18th due to Martin Luther King Day
  • China Buffet Restaurant trip Feb. 5th
  • Heart Day Activities Feb. 16th

Social Studies


Welcome Back! We will start this quarter by examining the origins, basic teachings and traditions of Judaism.

Afterward we will switch to the Ancient Chinese Civilization. We will be creating an A,B,C book focused on a Chinese Dynasty. This won't be your typical A,B,C book, an example of the format is: Q is for duck, because a duck QUACKS. Expect to see your child working on an essay about the impact of the Silk Road, using documents to defend their opinion. The highlight of this unit is a trip in honor of the Chinese New Year to a Chinese restaurant. We will continue to focus on non-fiction reading with the use of current events.

Language Arts


Happy New Year! Third quarter is a lot of fun and moves fast with several three-day weekends! Students will be choosing a biography, from a selection of four, based on character, setting, and plot. The settings will correlate with areas Mrs. Webber is examining. Students will be reading, reciting, writing, and analyzing poetry. We will also continue dissecting the nine parts of speech, continuing with verbs. Please continue to check my website for specific weeks' assignments. http://penngrow1.pbworks.com/w/page/84092506/FrontPage


Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great break and is ready to work because this semester is going to be busy!! We will be learning about: Cells, Genetics, and every Human Body System!!! For the month of January, we will dive into Different types of cells, Cell Theory, and Mitosis. This is going to be a fast paced unit with lots of material, so it will be extremely important to stay on top of your work!!

Towards the end of January, we will start the Human Body. Our first two systems will be the Skeletal and Muscular Systems. During this unit, there will be a lot of independent work and group station work as a way to learn these two systems. It will require some memorization, so there will be lots of hands on learning and fun games to help learn the material. However, during this unit, all work must be on time!! Due to the way the stations and independent work is designed, all work will be February 5th!!! I will NOT accept any late work for this unit!! Students will be given plenty of time in class to complete work, but this will require students to use time wisely!

Important Dates:

1/15: Cell Parts Quiz (open note)

1/22: Cell Cycle Quiz (allowed to use Mitosis Flip book and Webquest on quiz)

2/5: Skeletal & Muscular System station work and worksheets due today NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

2/5: Skeletal & Muscular System Test



Grade level students are investigating linear inequalities for the next two weeks followed with a unit on proportions.
Compacted Algebra students are learning about writing linear equations given the intercept and slope, point/slope, and point/point. A fun time will be had by one and all learning math every day. Star testing for all math students next week, January 12, 2016.