Raymond's Run

By: Toni Bambara, Created by: Gracie Hutson

About the Author: Toni Bambara

Toni Bambara was born on March 25, 1939 in Harlem, New York. She wrote several books as an author. She published her first book called the Salt Eaters in 1980. Toni Bambara loved writing and teaching. In 1993 Bambara got disappointing news that she got colon cancer. She died on December 9, 1995.

Raymond's Run Summary

Raymond's Run is about a girl named Squeaky and her brother Raymond who live in Harlem, New York. Squeaky loves running and so does her brother. Squeaky loves running the fifity-yard dash and always wins first place. But when Gretchen enters the fifty-yard dash also will Squeaky win the first place medal?