So you think your Stylish

By am

AMs Fashion Talk

Even though we are in middle school, we now a lot about Fashion, we are practically Fashion QUEENS !!! You can pretty much say that half of our Brain is filled with Fashion....

Never be Afraid to Show

Our secret to fashion is to be who you really ARE! show yourself don't be AFRAID, every idea is GREAT!!!

Fashion is what you NEED

Fashion is more than just Dressing up,it's about Expressing Yourself .So pretty much that means you can dress However you WANT!!! DON'T let Anyone tell YOU how to DREES.. Just be You

food fashion

sometimes you like sparkles, sometimes you like cotton, or maybe sometimes you like food on your body! it sounds a little weird, but food FASHION can be totally FUN!!!!

gothic cutie

black and gray are really popular in the gothic culture, take a look!!


Sometimes you wanna be an Animal well Do It The Fashion Way... Dress in your favorite animal wear and be the attention !!!

Black Forest

Sometimes you wanna be dark and mysterious well explain that by doing Fashion you can be the Forest and ROCK on !!!

setting up fashion, the fashion way

you are probably wondering " how do I start my OWN FASHION??"

well there are only 4 easy steps!!

1.pick a concept

2. pick a type of clothing it

4. make a flyer or tell your friends

its THAT EASY!!!

Candy wear

Sometimes you want dessert but you cant have dessert yet ..........well express it by fashion put on your candy fashion and CANDY ON

Sleepover wear

When you go to a sleepover, you don't want to be the one without style......So dress stylish do it the Fashion way the ONLY way


Maybe you wanna go to the gym and you have nothing to wear Well dress up in the mood your felling like just be you and make your own fashion trends you never know

If you REALLY want to STAND OUT, a little funky fashion won't hurt!