Falcon Flyer

Weekly Notes for Staff April 20-24, 2015

Teaching and Learning the Falcon Way

Hurst Hills Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision: We’re the ones empowering students to achieve excellence!

Mission: As a Hurst Hills Falcon, I will soar to excellence by showing respect and responsibility, and doing my best to reach my goals.

Core Values

1. Do what is right

2. Perform with excellence

3. Respect others

Administrative Adventures

Beth and Marie's Schedule

STAAR Testing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Important Dates

April 20-22 STAAR Testing: Campus Closed to Visitors

April 20 5th Grade Math STAAR

Money for extra banquet tickets due

April 21 Math STAAR Grades 3,4,6

April 22 Reading STAAR Grades 3,4,6 and 5th Grade Science STAAR

April 23 College Colors Day

Report Cards Go Home

April 24 Employee Banquet

April 27-May 1 Stand up to Bullying Week and Book Fair Week

April 30 Kinder Graduation Pictures

Field Day PK-1

May 1 Field Day 3-6

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**April Birthdays**

April 4th Leslie DeFrank, IR Assistant

April 9th Marie Becker, Assistant Principal

April 10th Sheryl Hentze, IR Assistant

April 13th Whitney Anderson, ACLASS Assistant

April 15th Stephanie Besio, ACLASS Teacher

April 18th Karen Ahaus, Art Teacher

April 22 Laurie Moss, Principal's Secretary

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  • Kudos Jennifer Vargas- Thank you for thinking outside the box and helping find positives and the bright side of the topic. From Katharine Langner

  • To Amy Skrovan for being so helpful with the announcements! From Amanda Ratliff

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I know that you all observe staff members going above and beyond on a daily basis to support students, fellow staff members, and the overall success of Hurst Hills. Please send in Kudos as you see them so that staff can be recognized for the things they do from day to day that make a difference. I would also love to share personal celebrations! Email your recognitions to Beth by Friday to be added to the weekly notes! If Beth uses your submission or you are the subject of a celebration, stop by the office for a special treat!

Falcon Color Run

The Falcon Color Run will be on Sunday April 26th. There is a sign up sheet in the workroom. Please promote this to your students and try to be here if you can!

Hurst Public Librarians Visit

Wednesday, May 13th

Children’s Librarian (Beverly Kirkendall)

8:30 – 9:00 PK and First (Kinder has STRIPE)

9:14 – 9:45 – 2nd through 5th

2:00 – 2:30 (Kinder in Library)

Tuesday, May 19th

Teen Librarian (Rosalynn)

2:00 – 2:30 6th Grade (Library)

Changes Due to Inclement Weather

Thursday May 28th will be a full day, Friday May 29 will be a half day with the afternoon as a workday in your rooms, and Saturday May 30th will be a full workday (8-2) for final closeout of classrooms. Rooms must be summer ready and keys turned in by 2:00 on the 30th. All three of these days are restricted for personal leave. If you have something related to High School graduation that is in conflict with this schedule please come talk to Beth about it. June 1st and 2nd will be regular CI Days. June 1st will be at PMC for Marsha Tate: Formative Assessment and June 2nd will be at Hurst Hills for EOY Data Analysis/Needs Assessment and Goal Team Meetings. These days are restricted for personal leave as well.

Weekend Warriors

The building will be open this weekend from 9-4. Remember to check for the smiley face and sign in and out in the office. Thank you to Elissa for always being available for this task.

Testing, Testing, and More Testing

  • Second Grade has a Reading DBA on Tuesday April 14th.

  • No after school activities on STAAR testing Days for testing grade levels. Please communicate this to parents through newsletters, web site etc.

  • The next test dates are April 20, 21, 22.

  • Please include Marie on all communication about testing and accommodations.

  • Lunch will be provided for all teachers on April 21 and 22.

Stand Up To Bullying Week April 27-May 1

Stand up to bullies by being a HERO!

Who's a HERO? Helping Everyone Respect Others

How? By being a heroic bystander, we can end bullying once and for all! We will have a different theme each day, a door decorating contest, and we will also have a special guest on Tuesday.

Monday, April 27 "HEROS Don't Bully" Dress up as a superhero or an American hero (camouflage)

Tuesday, April 28 "Black Out Bullying" Wear black

Wednesday, April 29 "Promote Peace" 70's day/peace signs

Thursday, April 30 "Be Extraordinarily Unique" Crazy Hair Day

Friday, May 1 "Stand Up to Bullying" Wear crazy socks to Field Day!

Adopter Nights

If you eat at Mooyah’s or Cici’s on a school spirit night you can wear jeans the following day. Your jeans pass is your receipt! If it is a Thursday or you have AM duty you can wear jeans the following Monday. Don't forget to mention Hurst Hills when you checkout!

FACI Transition Events

Keeping everyone in the loop about our transition events for FACI.

May 4th is the date for the K-5 Student field trip 9:15-10:30. Students will have a digital scavenger hunt to lead them around the school. We will also provide each student with a Hurst Hills nylon back pack that contains a t-shirt, pendant, spirit stick, and a book specific to their grade level with pictures of the staff and common areas of the school. We will be coming around to take pictures for the book very soon. We are so excited to welcome our new falcons!

May 7th we will have a PTA meeting at 6:30 and our Falcon Choir will perform. We will have a FACI Parent Open House from 6:00-6:30 and invite them to stay for the PTA meeting. All staff will be here, at their classroom doors from 6:00-6:30 to answer questions and allow parents to see what our campus layout looks like.

Looking Ahead to 2015-16

Grade Level Switch Day

The school will have a Grade Level Switch Day on May 28th from 9-9:45. Students will travel up to the next year's teachers to get excited about next year! Please have some kind of talk or activity planned that will not only inform students about the next school year, but will also get them pumped for another year of learning. This is a great time to give them suggestions for summer activities to keep their brains active over the break.

Duty Roster

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