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Having a silk pillow cover may feel luxurious, but it's not only about luxury but as well as with the benefits that it has. Some people think that a silk cover is all about status, but the truth is, there are a lot of added benefits that out can offer, from clearer skin, softer, and less frizzy hair.

The problem with silk pillow covers today is that they are expensive, which makes people ignore it and buy a different set of pillow covers. While this is very true, I for myself found a silk pillowcase that’s not only beneficial but as well as affordable. The cover that I am talking about is Blissy pillow cover, which is known to be made out of 100% silk thus providing all the needed benefits for your skin and hair.

What Is Blissy

Blissy is one of the best silk pillowcases today, wherein it has a 100% OEKO-TEX standard which is the standard for all silk fabrics in the world. The case is packed with over a hundred years of silk, which means that all of the benefits that your hair and skin needs will surely be provided by this amazing pillowcase.

One of the best things about the Blissy pillowcase is that people who are sensitive need not work because it is hypoallergenic. In fact, due to its amazing benefits and because it has become a favorite by supermodels, hairstylists, dermatologists, and as well as beauty experts. This type of cover is recommended by professionals today because of its added benefits.

Another good thing about Blissy is that there are no added chemicals. As you all know, we all get exposed to different chemicals every day and sometimes, depending on the pillow sheet, it can also contain chemicals without us knowing. With Blissy, you shouldn’t worry about anything because it is made out of 100% silk and no added chemicals at all. Using this pillowcase will help your skin to take a break from chemicals.

Why Choose Blissy

One of the reasons as to why I chose Blissy is because I am very sensitive and I easily get rashes when I come into contact with certain chemicals. With this silk pillow case from Blissy, I no longer have to worry because I no longer get rashes while I lay my head on the pillow. I also don’t have to worry about my rhinitis acting up because since I switched from this type of pillow case, and this is simply because of the hypoallergenic properties.

Another good thing about the Blissy is that it has a lot of benefits not only to the hair by preventing split ends, but as well as your skin by keeping it fresh. According to reports, this silky pillow case can keep your face healthy, glowing, and look refreshed in the morning. So if you want to look fresh every single morning, then Blissy is the one that you need.

Blissy Tests

Of course, I want to provide you with an accurate and honest review of this amazing silk pillowcase, Blissy. So I decided to try one out so I can give you the review that you need for you to be able to decide if this is the pillow case that you want. I decided to use this case for one whole month so I can truly see the difference.

After a month, I noticed that I have less split ends and my hair became shinier than before. Actually, I already noticed the difference in just two weeks of using this case. I also noticed less breakouts on my skin, which I loved because I’ve been having issues with it for some time now. But with Blissy, I no longer have to worry about it since it is becoming lesser and lesser every single week.

As mentioned above, I also noticed that my rhinitis no longer acts up and that’s because of Blissy’s hypoallergenic feature. Using this pillow case made my face healthy and look healthier than usual. The glow is also great, its as if I am using a new product for my skin. Even my family and friends are asking about it, but all I say is that I changed my cotton pillow case into a silk one. When they found out that it’s made out of silk, there were surprised and hesitant to change because of the price, but I told them that this one is definitely affordable and won’t even burn a hole in their pockets.

Since then, I purchased multiple pillow cases from Blissy so each of my pillows has it. I am never going to switch back to the cotton pillow case that I’ve been using before.

Benefits Of Using Blissy

Worth The Money

One of the best fabrics in the entire world today is silk, which makes Blissy very worth your money. Your pillowcase is important and using Blissy is beneficial for your skin and hair. In fact, using a high quality and actually the best type of fabric is essential in getting the right amount of sleep. Investing in your sleep is important and there’s no other fabric to choose but the silk one.

Easy To Maintain

Another benefit that you can get from using this pillow case is that it can easily be maintained. Since Blissy is made out of 100% silk, you can machine washed this if you want to save more time. You shouldn’t worry about anything because this pillow case will be dry in no time. Blissy comes with an instructions on how you can maintain it, but it is definitely very easy, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Less Split Ends

Split ends are common and they can look unattractive, but using Blissy can help lessen them, and eventually get rid of them in the long run. The reason behind this is because since this is smooth surface, there will be less to no friction at all, which will avoid damage to the hair including split ends and other issues that can ruin your crowning glory.

Reduced Bed Head

Using Blissy can also reduced bed head because there are no fabric spaces where these bed head can stay and feed on your hair and scalp. It will be minimized and eventually disappear after quite some time since there is no space to stick in.

Luxurious Experience

Since you are using Blissy and it is made out of 100% silk, you can definitely feel luxurious in bed. Majority of five star hotels today use pillow cases that are made out of silk. I usually noticed how I sleep well when I am in a hotel, and one of the reasons is their pillows. That’s why I started using Blissy so I can sleep well even if I am not inside a hotel. Using this pillow case makes me feel like I am in a five star hotel.

Beneficial For The Skin

Since Blissy is made out of silk, which is soft, it keeps the hair and skin very smooth and healthy. One of the best things about using silk is that it reduces the appearance of these embarrassing facial wrinkles. This means that investing in a silk pillow case is definitely very worth it.

It is Hypoallergenic

Lastly, since Blissy is 100% natural silk, it is hypoallergenic. It is perfect for me since I am very sensitive and I usually get hives and rhinitis every morning. But ever since I used Blissy, my allergies stopped. So if you are sensitive or have too many allergies or know someone, Blissy is definitely the best option for you.

Blissy Reviews

I also wanted to check reviews online of other Blissy users and I wasn’t surprised that see that all reviews are positive. They all loved that glow on their faces every morning and throughout the day since they used the Blissy pillow case. It’s not actually surprising because it is made out of 100% silk which is very gentle on the skin.

Some of them also reported that the allergies also stopped when they are sleeping and upon waking up ever since that switched to the Blissy silk pillow case. Just like me, they also love their own Blissy pillow cases.

Testimonials from Other Users

I live in a tropical state and it can get humid and warm during summer even at night. My pillow always get soaked with my sweat and even wakes me up sometimes. Fortunately, I came across Blissy which is a silk pillow case that will stay cool even during summer night. I tested it out upon getting it and yes, it indeed stayed cool and kept me comfortable while asleep. I am going to purchase more Blissy for my other pillows. - Dina, 34

I've always love to have silk pillows covers but due to their expensive prices, I never bought one. But a friend recommended Blissy, which is a silk pillow cover that's very affordable. I've checked their site and it was very affordable so I ordered three for all of my pillows! Now, I can enjoy having a silk pillow cover without breaking the bank. - Lisa, 21

Where Can I Purchase Blissy

I purchased my Blissy on their official website and they are still offering the discount that they offered me a month ago. But this time, they are offering more discounts if you purchase two or more Blissy pillow cases. Paying is easy as all you need is our credit card or your PayPal.

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