Court Cases

Decisions That Changed The Nation

With an ever growing fear of communism is the US, there seems to be a rising fear of anarchists amongst Americans. Thus, the Red Scare was born. Mostly caused by the immense fear of communism and worker strikes, Americans started questioning everyone in their communities. Because of this Mitchell Palmer started to capture suspected radicals and deport them, creating what is now known as Palmer Raids. During the Red Scare, Italian immigrants Sacco & Vanzetti were convicted of murder and robbery. They were know for being leaders of labor organizations, out spoken anarchists, and antiwar activists; which ultimately lead to their convictions.
Another thing that shook the nation was the Schenck vs. The United States trial. In this trail it was decided that the peoples right of freedom of speech could be taken away or restricted if the words they spoke or printed were a danger to society. Schenck said this act of espionage was unconstitutional, but it was over ruled by the supreme court.