Scarf Ordering & Bake Sale!!

order your SCARF here!

Each scarf will be $11. They are 2 sided, knit scarves made for the winter (see image ).

If you fill out the form above, you're expected to give the $11 to your RA by Nov. 2nd at the latest!

Big image


PLEASE HELP! One of our few fundraisers of the year is the parent's weekend bake sale! Half of the proceeds will be going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation; the other half will be going to future Balch social events. The sale will be running from 1-4pm in the courtyard.

DROP OFF baked goods in the Unit 1 lounge on Nov 2nd between 8-9am.

If you can't make the drop off time, email to arrange another time.

-Love Your Balch Hall Council