Nationalism in Europe

By Colton and Stephen

What is Nationalism?

Nationalism is the political idea in which people of a territory have a strong feeling of a nation mostly in a small group of radicals that are willing to do anything for their beliefs.
How the Age of Nationalism transformed Europe

When did the movement begin?

This movement began when Napoleon was leading the French revolution was the first feeling of nationalism in Europe. It officially began in 1848 when many revolutions started all around europe most appearing in the eastern countries.

What it Impacted

In 19th century Europe nationalists instilled the beliefs in the government leaders that their country was better than all the others. This put the idea that all countries need a strong military to be better than all the others. This later led to the major alliance system that Europe has today.

Long term Repercussions

he nationalism movement in Europe had many consequences it was the leading factor to the Franco Prussian war and one of the causes of WWI. It also led to many good things as the alliances it started are still around today through the EU.


A nation-state has the geographical boundaries and self determined political characteristics that defines it as a unique political entity. What makes it unique is the political and ethnicity of it but it is not defined just off of the geographic features.
European Nationalism - Golden Dawn of Europe

Essential Question

What would have happened if the nationalist movement never started and how has it shaped Europe today?