Turners Syndrome

By: Sadie Hartsock

What Is Turners Syndrome?

Turners Syndrome is when a female does not have the usual two X chromosomes; or an incomplete X chromosome. Turners syndrome develops in females and they may not have some of the sexual characteristics they are suppose to have. Which is why some girls are shorter than normal.

Symptoms Of Turners Syndrome

  • Non Functioning Ovaries
  • Extra neck skin (webbed neck)
  • Puffy hands and feet
  • Skeleton Abnormalities
  • Heart Defects
  • High blood pressure

Turners Syndrome Is not fatal or life threatening

Turners Syndrome Affects 1 out of 2,500 girls

How does a person get this syndrome?

Turners syndrome can be inherited, but for most of the part it is completely random, nothing can prevent or increase it.

Who discovered this Turners Syndrome?

In 1938, Dr. Henry Turner discovered Turners Syndrome
Turner Syndrome video