DO IT NOW....... for Our Nation.


ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We continued in SILENCE. We expected CHANGE. We remained very RESPECTFUL. However OUR SILENCE has been taken as a sign of weakness and timidity. Without respect, we have all been walked over. Our children have been numbed of a future.

When our children leave school, or upon graduation ............... the likely question in their life is ........... DID NOT YOUR PARENTS BOTHER ABOUT YOUR EDUCATION ?

Is it not time that we stand up and show our feelings, our expressions and our disappointment at the could not be bothered attitudes of the Education Minister, his deputies and the Ministry of Education!!!

Children have become the pawns in politics. Children have no voice. Cabinet is silent. So, we the parents, parents to be and grandparents as responsible adults have to be the VOICE for the CHILDREN of OUR NATION. We cannot stay silent knowing very well that the future of all our children is in our hands, TODAY.

The purpose of this move is to become loud in expressing NATIONAL DISAPPOINTMENT AND RESENTMENT. The grievances of Malaysian Parents is simple. Where is the ENGLISH MEDIUM, which is the most wanted option for education?

1. No one asked, no one wanted, and no one has proved the need for the BLUE PRINT.
2. An entire nation cried for the continuation of PPSMI. This was disrespected.
3. Parents called to reinstate English Medium Schools. This was disregarded.

Your response and comments will greatly be appreciated. It is this joint impact that will result in the responses of the government. Your involvement, support and suggestions are critical for the above three demands to succeed.

Do this for the sake of our Malaysian children. Each of us must pass this message to as many parents to be, parents and grandparents. We are not late in pursuit. It is them who have delayed and shelved the importance, of what our children need. We can be the instruments who woke the National Leadership to awareness and action.

K.Thiruselvam @ 2014engmed@gmail.com