Heights Technology Associate

And an introduction to Smore!

Let me introduce myself...

Hello, friends! I am Judy Janssen, the technology associate (instructional) at Prairie Heights. This is my 18th year in this position. Each of the Prairie elementary buildings has a tech associate. Sometimes we are called the computer lab para or just "the tech". We all have somewhat the same job - to help students and staff learn about and use technology.

What does the Heights Tech associate do?

A list....

  • Computer lab: create lesson plans and deliver lessons in collaboration with classroom teachers; maintenance of lab computers
  • Hardware: First Responder - troubleshoot and repair problems with computers, iPads, projectors, document cameras, TVs, etc. (NOT classroom microphone systems, though)
  • iPads: Install, organize and promote apps; supervise 4th grade iPad Pals (daily maintenance)
  • Public Relations: collect photos of Heights happenings of all kinds; post on front hallway TV; send to district PR; Post messages to Announcements of Heights webpage
  • Morning news: create slide announcements shown on TV daily before the news; direct the 4th grade news teams as they deliver the daily TV morning news
  • Testing: Proctor MAP tests to 2nd - 4th grades twice a year; Proctor aReading (Iowa TIER, FAST) tests to K - 4th 3 times a year; Give district keyboarding assessment to 3rd grade 3 times a year; Give district Safe Schools Survey to 2nd - 4th grades once a year
  • Staff Resource: find and recommend internet and iPad resources; curate ideas for technology integration
  • Professional Development: learn about and try new technology! My Twitter PLN has taught me a lot!
  • "Other duties as assigned"

This flyer was made with Smore!

It's another way to communicate with your students and their parents! I learned about it through the Summer Learning Series via my Twitter PLN! Watch! Yes, it's free! You can add audio, forms, video, etc!