Progressive Era

The Modernizing of the New South

The Progressive Movement

The Progressive era refers to a variety of reforms which took place in the United States, and led to many economic, social, and moral reforms in the southern sates.

Leo Frank Case

Leo Frank was the manager of the Pencil factory in Atlanta. He was a very busy man, and was eventually hung for something, that he didnt actually do. The girl murdered was MAry Phagan, and was found in the factory cellar, dead.

After many trials, they considered Leo Frank as maybe the killer. Jim Conley, was a witness, and said he helped Leo Frank carry Mary to where she was found dead, that night.

After a while in a jail cell, the governor, John Slaton, sentenced him to life in prison, but was hung. Many people find this tragedy to not be fair, because tough their was no true evidence against Leo Frank, he was still the easiest to accuse, because he was one of the few at work on Saturday, and he was the last to see her.

Though they never actually determined the murderer of Mary Phagan, Leo Frank was the one who was accused of killing her.

Women's Rights Won!

The women's suffrage movement was a struggle for women's rights. Before this time, there were no rights for women, and basically, men controlled everything. There were many leaders who fought for women's rights.

One of the main leaders for women's rights, is Susan B. Anthony. She also partnered with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who also helped fight for women's rights. The first women's suffrage movement is held in Seneca Falls, New York.

In 1920, on June 4, 1919, the battle was won. Due to many people's help, and hard effort, women's freedom is won. Women now have equal rights as men

Delta Airlines

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As of 1927, Delta has got a contract to carry airmail between Peru and Ecuador. Delta Airlines was originally in Monroe, Louisiana, and serving the needs of people there. Delta Airlines was started by B. R. Coad and C. E. Woolman.

Since June 17, 1929, Delta has three six-seat monoplanes. In 1930, Delta Corporation, which it was called at the time, expanded to Atlanta. They also went out to Fort Worth, Texas, and have an airport.

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Editorial by: Chandler Wood

The Leo Frank Case is totally unfair! He has been hung for something, and being accused of something, that he did not do. There was no evidence that Leo Frank had anything to do with the death and murder of Mary Phagan. He should not be accused of something that has no proof of him doing.

Many people are going around and talking about him, because it's what they have heard and been told. However, I am here to say that Leo Frank is totally innocent, and had nothing to do with Mary Phagan's death! Whoever believes that Leo Frank was guilty of killing Mary Phagan is mistaken, because no evidence has been shown to prove him guilty.

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