May 3, 2016


May 2- June 4

Beginning this week throughout the next month we will be conducting "End of the Year" assessments. Like I mentioned in a previous email, I will not be assessing my own children. Other K teachers will be pulling the students individually and in small groups for these assessments. It is not the "best situation" for some of the children...but I do not have any control over who test what child.

I can NOT stress enough how important it is to practice EVERY chance you get RETELLING. After your child reads they are supposed to retell the book WITHOUT ANY PROMPTING. I have told the children to pretend that the teacher had not heard of the book you just read to them and they are to retell beginning to end, including who were the characters and setting.

The students will also have to complete a writing assessment. They will be assessed not only on content and staying on the topic, but also the mechanics (capital letter, space, punctuation, and spelling some high frequency words correctly)

The main math goal that is going to be assessed (in a couple of weeks) is adding and subtraction fluently (quickly and correct) and word problems. If you want to help prepare your child for these assessments have your child practice addition and subtraction equations and check for accuracy and fluency.


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Weekly homework is "officially" over! (Don't cheer so loudly) :) Due to the start of all of the county/state assessments this week until the end of the year, the weekly homework has officially ended. There may be an occasional nightly assignment to keep "skills sharp" but I will not be sending home anymore packets.

Ms. Singh has been out this week, but I still plan to keep sending home books for the next few weeks. Please keep reading as much as possible... books at home, library, etc


Our last fundraiser for this year... Boosterthon is kicking off tomorrow. For the next week the children will be having "team huddles" each morning and will be focusing on a character theme each day.

Our Boosterthon run will be Friday May 15th. I will let you know the time. You are welcome to come watch. It is always a fun event. There will be ALOT more information coming home about this event, but basically the children will get "sponsors" that will sponsor them a certain amount for each lap they run.

Watch out for the details.

Volunteers Needed !

Over the next few weeks between Ms. Singh being pulled to help with the testing in upper grades, the many, various assessments going on in Kindergarten, and (24) five year olds with "Summer Fever" ... I'm going to need any help I can get. At this time there isn't any specific day/time, but if anyone has any time and would like to help with my sanity :) PLEASE just drop me an email and I am sure I can put you to work. There will be clerical opportunities, helping with the children, and other various "chores".

Again, if you are available for a few hour or the entire day... PLEASE let me know


this is what I sent out last week but it still has important info

  • Beginning May 2nd - end of the year your child will be participating in many various tests
  • Reading 3D starts May 2nd- May 20th
  • I will NOT be assessing your children. For "validity" reasons your child will be assigned to a different teacher for ALL of their end of the year (EOY) assessments. Although this may not be the most "opportune" situations, it has been decided that they feel the scores on these assessments will be more "valid".
  • It is VERY important that any changes in transportation is in writing in the MORNING. For the next 30 days your child may be assigned to a different class for the day/ week while we are assessing and they will not be in my class.
  • All of their assessments (not just reading) will be culminating for the year.
  • Please make sure your child is present and on time.
  • The county/ our school will be implementing many NEW testing strategies and assessments. I do not want you children "worrying" so I will be playing it all down... but I did want to let you know how different these next few weeks may be for your child.
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End of the Year Party

JUNE 3rd

Our end of the year party is scheduled for June 3rd. Mark your calendars. More information to come. We are going to need volunteers.
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I need EVERY child to save / find a shoe for an activity at the end of the year. I do not need them yet, but I wanted to give you a "heads up". The shoebox needs to be an ADULT size for our activity.

More info to come....

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If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms. Kee