Comparison of Colonial Regions

Alexis Marshall

New England Region

Consists on New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. They started due to religion purposes. Puritans was a main section of regligon that came over and in the 1620's a group of puritans established a colony at Plymouth, Massachutes... Also known as the Pilgrams. Most New England colonies relied on the Atlantic Ocean. They were into farms for self sufficient. The Puritan church was central to the New England life.

Pop Quiz. When was the Salem Witch Trail taken place?


Southern Region

Consited of Maryland, Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia The southern region was esatblished first in Jamestown, Virgina in 1607. Now this corny was almost destroyed due to unreliable factory's and John Rulfe saved Jamestown by inventing the Tabocca crop. Religion was somewhat important and was Anglican. So from then on our they were staple crop users and the liked the Plantation system. Slavery invents ally started to occur in 1619 and first Africans that came overcame as Indentired servants and then known as slaves. Once they started evolving they noticed that the Upper Class was superior to the Lower Class

Pop Quiz. What informed the colonies to get a Educatuion system.

Encomic reasons

Middle Region

Consisted of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delware. There was a huge difference in Religon with the Middle and the 2 other sections of the colonies because since the middle was in the middle they had more to offer and more options. They were both farming and commerce. They did raise staple crops and thrived for a Furtrade. Willam Pen was the founder and of the Quakers.

Pop Quiz. What was the lower class?

Sailors, unskilled workers a a some artisans.

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