Lincoln Cluster Schools Newsletter

February 2021

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Hello Lincoln Cluster Families

Greetings Lincoln Cluster Families,

I am excited to share some updates that are happening in our cluster. Our Lincoln Cluster leaders are working diligently to expand our Phase 1 on-site learning model for our students. More students have been able to return to our campuses, with the implementation of our Classroom and Learning Lab modes. We know that these opportunities to expand access on-site with tutoring, teaching, and learning will greatly support our students in their academic growth and success. Over the next month, we hope to continue to bring more students back to our campuses, while still adhering to the safety and health protocols as outlined by our county officials. We are also thrilled that our Lincoln Cluster School Staff have the opportunity to register for a vaccine appointment through our VEBA appointment system. This is the next step toward a larger expansion of a return to onsite instruction for our students. Lastly, our cluster Principals have been working hard to strengthen the K-12 pathways for our students. Next weekend (March 6th from 9:00-12:00), our Cluster Secondary Schools (Lincoln, Knox, MTM) will be offering a special drive thru event for our students that are in the 5th and 8th grades, and where our secondary staff members our excited to wave “hello” to their future students. This will be great way for our students to see their future campuses and (from a safe distance drive thru) and to get excited about the upcoming school year. Thank you for your continued support and partnership through these changes and phases, as we work together to best support our students, our families, and our staff members.

Bruce R. Bivins
Area 1 Superintendent

Lincoln High School

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Lincoln High School

In February, we continued our journey of bringing Pathways to Lincoln High School. The proposal of our Pathway Design Committee presented to our community and the direction Lincoln is taking was embraced. All of our Pathways will be a small learning community, include college and career preparation, establish partnerships with industry and we will all make sure that families will continue to be involved in all of the opportunities Lincoln has to offer.

Here are our Pathways:

1. 9th Grade Center for On Track Success

Vision: At the 9th Grade Academy students will successfully complete the first year of high school with a humanizing understanding of themselves and the world around them. Students will have the academic and social skills to be successful (in completing their high school career and) any (future) career pathway they choose with the ultimate goal of improving themselves, their families, their community and their world.

2. Performance and Communication Technology for Social Justice

Vision: The VISION of the Performance and Communication Technology for Social Justice pathway ensures that all graduates will enact social change through artistic expression, effective communication, and technology.

3. BioTech and Engineering

Vision: Students of the BioTech and Engineering (BTE) Pathway will be creative and collaborative problem solvers, who use their perseverance, critical thinking, and compassion to further the development of an environmentally conscious and equitable society.

4. Social Justice Through Public Service

Vision: Graduates of the Social Justice Through Public Service Pathway will embody excellence by preserving life and property, fostering community support services and equitably serving our diverse community to promote public safety, health and wellness using the social justice lens while collaborating in a professional manner.

Please continue to follow our journey in establishing Pathways at Lincoln High School. For more information, please contact Stephanie Brown, Principal at

Knox Middle School

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Knox Middle

The 6th grade students at Knox Middle School participated in the Butterfly Project online.

Students learned about the Holocaust and this tragic time in our world's history. Students heard from family members of Holocaust survivors and learned about the true stories of upstanders who helped to save the lives of others. After the Zoom presentation, students had the chance to paint a ceramic butterfly which will be added to the walls of Knox Middle school.

The Butterfly Project is a call to action through education, the arts and memorial making. It uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate about the dangers of hatred and bigotry and cultivates empathy and social responsibility. Participants paint ceramic butterflies that are permanently displayed as symbols of resilience and hope, with the goal of creating 1.5 million butterflies around the world—one for each child who perished in the Holocaust, and honoring the survivors.

The Butterfly Project will transform resistance through art and education, and empower people to take actions against injustice, partner with everyone that currently has or wants to build a connection to history and honoring those who died in the Holocaust, easily get ceramic butterflies into the hands of people of all faiths through schools, museums, and community centers, leading to bold artistic displays, and be included in classrooms across the country as an important part of Holocaust and anti-bullying education.

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Millennial Tech Middle School

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Millennial Tech Middle School (MTM) is eager to welcome incoming 5th graders to our March 6th, drive thru event. Our feeder elementary schools are Chollas-Mead, Johnson, Webster, Horton, and Encanto. All 5thgraders from our feeder schools are welcome to attend this celebration. As families drive-in, they will be greeted by MTM staff, in the bus loop, between Gomper’s Academy and Gomper’s Park, from 9am-12pm. Incoming 5th graders will then receive a goodie bag, MTM information, and a lunch. Your children may have met our counselors who have been visiting 5th grade classes and preparing our future Timberwolves for what middle school has to offer. We are a proud STEAM Magnet school. Big changes have occurred on campus to help support the social-emotional needs of our students and to help prepare students to be lifelong, independent learners. Our professional video broadcasting studio allows students the opportunity to build digital music ensembles, create and edit videos, and to broadcast live news reports to our classrooms. By popular demand, Art is offered as an elective too! Students have been creating various artwork through a multitude of mediums. We cannot wait to have an ART Show to display our student artists’ work. Our students receive project-based learning through our 4-acre Earthlab, located right on site. Earthlab is affiliated with Groundworks San Diego, which provides our students opportunities to learn about conservation efforts, natural resources, waterways, gardening, and more. Students work side-by-side with Scientists from UCSD and SDSU. MTM has a motto, “We are one. We are the Pack.” We cannot wait to welcome you to our pack family!

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Porter Elementary School

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Porter Elem.

Porter Book Giveaway

This year, Channel 10 News, in partnership with the Scripps Howard Foundation, donated about 3,000 books to Porter Elementary. We were able to show our Love of Reading in February by having a drive-through Book Giveaway for all of our students. Each child who came was able to pick 3-5 books to add to their family library. Many of our teachers came out to say hi to our students and assist with the book selection. Our families were so happy to see everyone celebrating reading in this fashion. We greatly appreciate the great gift of learning that was afforded to us by this generous donation. We plan on having another Book Giveaway in March to ensure our students continue to get the opportunity to have more of their own books. We know how important it is to have books at home that our students can use to practice their reading skills and to build a love of reading!

Baker Elementary School

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Baker Elem.

Educators across the district are invited to attend Deborah Ball’s monthly professional learning offerings. Deborah Ball is a world renowned math researcher. She and her colleague, Mr. Darrius Robinson, provide weekly mathematics instruction to Baker scholars! The videotaped sessions are used to create professional development for educators in San Diego Unified School District. These include: Selecting and Designing Engaging Tasks; Esƴablishing a Culture of Sharing Thinking and Responding to Ideas; Formative Assessment and Feedback; and Building Relationships with Students. Registration is free to all SDUSD educators and the sessions feature students from Baker Elementary!

Nye Elementary School

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Nye Elem.

Our Silent hero’s
Many times, we forget that our classified staff is the backbone of our schools. In order to open our learning labs, they volunteered to support our families without hesitation. These wonderfully appreciated women and men are Debra Roberts (ESA), Cheryl Patrick (Network clerk), Mrs. Tofiga, Mrs. Boatman, Mrs. Irma, Ms. Edna (noon duties) and we can't forget our Custodial staff Joe Cecena and Vann Labe. Finally, a huge thank you goes to Nadine Debrobie our Lincoln Cluster Food Service Manager, who made sure to come to campus with big smile and lunches for our students. As a result of their efforts, we were able to open 4 learning labs and 2 classroom teachers rooms this week. It was so nice to welcome our K-5 grade-level students back on campus.

Valencia Park Elementary School

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Balboa Elementary School

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Balboa Elem.

Dear Families, Balboa continues to learn the best ways to educate students during this pandemic times. We have four learning labs with students from 1-5 grade, we have in school testing for students with disabilities and ELPAC state test. All these activities are helping Balboa get into a normal pattern of doing school business in a safe, and protected environment.

In addition we continue to share with our families opportunities for community involvement and next steps for job opportunities throughout the county.

Chavez Elementary School

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Chavez Elem.

Cesar Chavez Elementary is hard at work in expanding the opportunity for our students to come onsite and connect to their online learning. We believe the best place for a student to learn socially, emotionally and academically is at their school site. We have expanded our Phase 1 to include all three models; Classroom Lab, Learning Lab and Appointment Based services. Currently we have staffing to support and provide onsite learning to 70 students.

Cesar Chavez Elementary is celebrating its partnership with SDG&E. We believe this partnership will have a positive impact on our families and community. A major goal of this partnership is to inform our families on all the different assistance programs that are available to them. If you want to know more about these programs please visit their website @ and look for the CARE program.

Please stay connected with our school community by following us on our facebook @ Cesar Chavez Elementary School (we need your like) or visiting our website @ Those are two great places to see all the great school activities that are taking place at Chavez! Si Se Puede!

Horton Elementary School

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Horton Elem. -

This month, Horton celebrates Black History Month. And while Black history is something that we celebrate every month (as well as the history, perspectives, and stories of all people who shape our history and society), we commemorate Black History Month with must-read books that celebrate cultural icons, historical figures, pivotal moments in African American history, and much more. Our students engaged in various activities this month that share the stories and honor the contributions of Black Americans. We also held our first virtual “Family Art Night” where Horton’s very own resident artist, Ms. Vance, guided students, staff, and families through a directed art task. In honor of Black History Month, the artwork was connected to the beautiful picture book, Tar Beach, by Faith Ringgold, an award-winning African American artist, author, and civil rights activist. All students engaged in interactive reading of the text, discussing the themes of imagination and freedom, appreciation of the beauty of your neighborhood, racism, family, and hope. They also learned about scale, color, and design while drawing. You can view/read the book Tar Beach here, and learn more about Faith Ringgold here.

Este mes, Horton celebra el Mes de la Historia Afroamericana. Y aunque la historia afroamericana es algo que celebramos todos los meses (así tanto como la historia, las perspectivas y las historias de todas las personas que dan forma a nuestra historia y nuestra sociedad), conmemoramos el Mes de la Historia Afroamericana con libros y lecturas que celebran íconos culturales, personajes históricos, momentos importantes en la historia afroamericana. Nuestros estudiantes participaron en varias actividades este mes que comparten las historias y honran las contribuciones de los afroamericanos. También celebramos nuestra primera "Noche de Arte en Familia" virtual, donde nuestra propia artista de Horton, la Srta. Vance, guió a los estudiantes, el personal y las familias a través de un proyecto de arte dirigida. En honor al Mes de la Historia Afroamericana, la obra de arte se conectó al hermoso libro, Tar Beach, de Faith Ringgold, una artista premiada, autora y activista de derechos civiles. Todos los estudiantes participaron en la lectura interactiva del texto, discutiendo los temas de imaginación y libertad, apreciacio de la belleza de su vecindario, racismo, la familia y la esperanza. También aprendieron sobre escala, color y diseño mientras dibujaban. Puede ver / leer el libro Tar Beach aquí, y aprender más sobre Faith Ringgold aquí.

Photo 1- Tar Beach

Photo 2- Horton’s Family Art Night

Photo 3- 5th Grade Student Presentations

Webster Elementary School

Webster Elementary

Hi everyone,

Webster is still waiting to hear if we are going to be awarded the Federal Government’s Magnet for STEAM Education grant. Please keep your fingers crossed. We are all waiting for some good news. Even though Webster and all other schools are mostly online, we keep moving forward with our teaching and learning. At Webster, we are focused on writing. All classroom teachers are instructing their students on how and what a good writing piece can look like. Our students are responding in a positive way. At this time, almost all of our 3rd to 5th grade students have completed a “narrative” writing piece, and they are now working on an “informational” writing piece. Our goal is having that completed by the end of February. In our lower grades, all students are being instructed in the writing process with the goal of a “Narrative and Informational” piece of writing by the end of February. We know this is a big ask for our teachers and our students but we believe having a clarity of purpose and strong instruction, our students can and will meet this academic challenge. Research tells us that writing can and will improve a student’s reading, which is our overall goal, to have all students reading at grade level or beyond.

Webster is also moving to open school to selected students in our Phase 1 reopening expansion. At this time, we have a small number of teachers working with small groups of students a few days a week on site. If all goes well we are looking to expand the program to more students.

At this time, the safety of students and staff is our main concern. We are working with our Health Department to follow all safety requirements and not put people in harm’s way.

On behalf of the Webster team of educators, we wish you the best and for now keep on zooming.

Encanto Elementary School

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Encanto Elementary

At Encanto all staff members are engaged in professional learning and self-reflection towards building a collective understanding on what Equity really means for our students. Through our work with Youth Advocacy, book studies, equity and anti-racism seminars, we are seeing our curriculum through new lenses. Teachers and their Professional Learning Communities are rethinking curriculum, materials, and lessons. One such teacher is Margaret Hernandez who began digging deeper into the real history of California as she planned for instructing our 4th grader students during the month of February. - Principal Mandler

In Fourth grade the focus of our entire Social Studies curriculum is California's history. In fact, it is the only year in a student's K-12 education that is focused on our state's history. With that in mind, I decided that for Black History Month, I wanted to teach about African Americans in California's History. I have lived in California all my life and have been teaching for 26 years but quickly realized that beyond California becoming a part of the United States of America as a "Free" state, I knew very little. I began my research and my eyes have been opened up to so much information, so much that I want to share with my students. This journey in California's history that I am taking my students on is a journey for me as well. A journey that I plan to continue, that I plan to develop and grow, until it is not just a part of one month out of the year but becomes ingrained in what is taught all year long.” ~Margaret Hernandez, 4th grade teacher

Chollas-Mead Elementary School

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Chollas-Mead Elem.

Chollas Mead 2nd grade put on their inventor caps this month as they invented robots to help save the world. There was a common theme that took place, "My robot will help cue Covid 19 and get kids back in school." Student read and wrote about inventors and what they do change the world for the better. Students spent the week building their own robots at home and then presented the to their peers. I am so proud of the work that the 2nd grade students did. They were full of some wonderful ways to help the world be a better place.

Johnson Elementary School

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Johnson Elem.

This month, Johnson students have participated in a wide array of activities for Black History month. Students have learned about many people, past and present, who have contributed to the rich history of the United States and to the world! Students have listened to stories, written letters and done art projects to show what they have learned about the Black artists, scientists, mathematicians, musicians, engineers, activists and other occupations this month. In addition, the principal contributes to the knowledge base each morning by spotlighting someone that she feels they should know about. Here is a sample slides that shows the information students see each morning.

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