My Mission Statement

Andrew Hatfield

Mission Statement

I believe that if I start working hard now, it will help me in the future when I need those skills. I believe life is a game of chutes and ladders. You can build your way up but one bad move and you are back to where you started from. I believe the world changes to fast to keep up with. My short term goal is that this year, I will make straight A's. My long term goal is to become an anesthesiologist and attend Ohio State University. My high expectation for my behavior is to be nice to everybody in my grade. My expectation for my academic success is to pass all of my classes. My statement of College, Career and Life is it's the stepping stone into the next step of our lives.

My Life Outside of School

Outside of school I play many sports and have lots of hobbies. I play Soccer and Baseball for South Caldwell. Some of my hobbies include Mountain Biking, Airsoft and competing in Airsoft tournaments on the weekends.