By: Hayli Reed

Who is a great listener in my life?

One great listener I have in my life is my mom. She always listens to what i have to tell her, or inform her about. Weather it may be about school, my friends, any drama that's going on etc. She's always there to listen and help me make right decisions.
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Who is and individual who makes positive decisions for themselves and others that you really respect?

One individual who makes positive decisions for themselves and others, that I very much respect is my dad. As a team leader, my dad has to make very risky, but the right decisions, not only for himself but for the other people on his team at work. Not just at work but at home as well, he makes good decisions. For example, he made the right decision to make sure the house looked good for when he boss came over to discuss important business on his next step as a team leader.
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Who is an individual that provides excellent communication that makes you think and reflect on your decisions.

One person that provides excellent communication and makes me think and reflect on my decisions is my best friend, Alexis rieck. She always helps me decide my decision making, with her great communication skills. For example a time when i was need for help with a very tough decision, she was there telling me what she would do if she had to choose, and as she was telling me this, she kept eye contact and kept her voice in a very nice tone.
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Who is an individual in your life that you know personally that embodies the characteristics of a great leader.

One person that is in my life who personally embodies the characteristics of a great leader is my brother. For example, he currently is in his baseball season and he plays for his school team. He goes Loveland High school and he is a sophomore on the varsity team. His pitching range is somewhere between mid 80's to lower 90's. The collage he is looking at, at the moment is Xavier University. He is fully committed to baseball. On the weekends when he could be hanging out with his friends he goes to midland batting cages and practices pitching. Besides baseball, he is a straight A student, majority of the time he makes the right decisions, and he always knows what to do, and when to do it.
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List 3 character traits you most admire or respect from others

One character trait that I admire in others is the ability to have common sense. When people make the wrong decisions, it isn't a mistake, it was a choice they made, and they had to have consequences to there choices. Another character trait I admire in others is good communication skills. I like when people can look at me, while they talk to me. Or when they don't interrupt me, while I'm in the middle of a sentence. Or actually making an effort to keep the conversation going. The last character trait I admire in others is good listening skills. I love how people can just listen to others talk. When they don't even have to say anything and just let the other one talk and explain to them what might be going on in their life or what has been bothering them. But when they do eventually say something, it's advice on what they would do if they were in the situation or problem.
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