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April 14, 2014

“When it rains it pours. Maybe the art of life is to convert tough times to great experiences: we can choose to hate the rain or dance in it.” ― Joan Marques

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News to Roar About

  • Minh and Nicole for a great Career Day! You guys did a super job in planning this outstanding day for our students to learn about careers. It was the best career fair ever! Thank you for all of the time you invested to make the day so memorable.
  • Linda Wood for the excellent job you did in preparing our talented students to perform at the Volunteer Breakfast! The volunteers were so impressed and felt so special to have our students perform for them.
  • Congratulations to GCPS for once again being a finalist for the Broad Prize! That is a result of all of the hard work of the teachers and staff members in GCPS! Congratulations to each of you for your contributions to this honor!
  • Minh for helping get the volunteer breakfast setup!
  • Joan Tullis for doing some shopping for us for the Volunteer Breakfast.
  • Montine Powell for your help with the Volunteer Breakfast and new parent welcome.
  • Joan Tullis and her ladies for setting up the the cafe for the volunteer breakfast and Joan for handling the cute table decorations and for helping the morning of breakfast getting things out.
  • Thank you to all of the teachers for bringing wonderful samples and examples of great things you're doing in your classrooms to support the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
  • Teachers and staff for all the great food for the volunteer breakfast! You really made the event special for our volunteers and they felt so appreciated due to your hard work! You guys are the best!
  • Amber Hayes on her beautiful wedding and on becoming Mrs. Deadrick! Congratulations, Amber! We cannot wait to see the pictures!
  • SIT team for another excellent session and your input on decisions. You each do an awesome job of representing your grade levels in making the decisions that we need to make as a school. Your leadership is amazing!
  • 5th grade for making us proud and representing Harbins so well on your recent visit to the middle school. We are proud of our 5th grade leaders!
  • 5th grade teachers for your support of our 5th graders going to the middle school to see what is ahead for them next year. We appreciate your preparation!
  • 4th and 5th grade teachers for your support of our students learning of the family life AKS. You always handle this time with the utmost professionalism.
  • Terri Poffenberger and Bob Stone for sharing your students in Leadership Academy! The students did a super job!
  • Debbie, Bridget and Trista for a great math planning session. We appreciate your leadership in math!
  • Congratulations to our FOCUS students on a magnificent production of A Midsummer Night's Dream! You all did an outstanding job!
  • Lisa Newton for the hard work she invested to provide the 5th grade FOCUS students with the opportunity to perform Shakespeare!
  • Cyndy Palmer and Laurie Aldridge for the outstanding job you do with our yearbook! We are so grateful for the work you put into this treasure each year!
  • 4th grade for being such great friends to a colleague.
  • Welcome back to Mike Stanton! We missed you while you were gone. Be sure to come bearing pictures!
  • Kaylee Gulich for doing a super job filling in for Mike in his absence! We appreciate your support of these fourth graders!


10 APPs for Math Fluency

Check out these cools APPs that support math fluency. Click the red button to see the APP List.

Roar Tips

We appreciate your feedback on the new Roar format. We understand that some like it better than others. We need a more up to date tool to provide the newsletter information and appreciate your feedback and patience as we play with various tools to see which might work best. In the meantime, here is a printing tip if you like to still print The Roar. Right click on the screen and choose print and that will allow you to only print the pages you want and not print the entire newsletter.

Literacy Updates

F&P kits will begin rotation schedule on Monday, April 14th. Please email Jennifer Dalton if you are in need of scripts. Upper grades kits will be used in second grade on the mornings of CRCT testing.

Book of Honor Deadline

All nominations for Book of Honor must be completed by May 1 in order for medals and certificates to be prepared for the Leadership Academy graduation. Only students who truly exhibit the qualities worthy of signing the Book of Honor should be recognized. This is an above and beyond award. All students will receive a certificate at the Leadership Academy graduation. We look forward to honoring your students.

EOY Parties

SIT identified the times for grade level EOY parties for grades K-4. All will be held on Wednesday, May 21 only at the grade level designated times. See the SIT minutes for details. The only special event for the last day of school will be Lunch on the Lawn. Thank you in advance for coordinating with your grade level on parties. We also appreciate your keeping students focused for 176 days of school and ensuring that we keep rooms in tact for all 176 days for a smooth and productive end of year.

CRCT Info. for 3rd - 5th Grade Teachers, Support Team and Sp. Ed. Teachers

The CRCT and CRCT-M Examiner's manual is located in the Harbins Hanbook - Assessment - General Information. All test examiner's are required to read the manual prior to test administration which begins Wednesday, April 30. Test examiner's have not yet been assigned to small groups, but ALL 3rd - 5th grade teachers, Support team members, and Special Education teachers need to read the manual to prepare. We will need "all hands on deck" to administer CRCT/CRCT-M, including make-ups.

10,000 Random Acts of Kindness

Please have your class join our 5th grade leaders in promoting 10,000 Random Acts of Kindness. Their goal is to reach 10,000 before the last day of school. They will provide to each of you a copy of a paper thermometer to hang outside your door. Please allow your students to color in the thermometer each week when they show a random act of kindness at home or school. The 5th graders will take up the thermometers each week and tally the school wide total to share. Help them reach their goal of 10,000. They are hoping it will support the abundance of kindness! They were scheduled to do an explanation and skit on the announcements last week to kick it off. I think the skit was shared without the explanation. The leaders did explain it to SIT so they can answer questions for you as well and we will offer additional information on announcements.

Administrative Professionals Day

April 23 is Administrative Professionals Day and a great time to say thank you to all of our clerical staff for the great work they do behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Consider having your students write a thank you note to our wonderful clerical staff for all they do to support students, parents and staff.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 6. We look forward to showing our appreciation to our staff. The PTA will provide Chick-fil-a lunch for all of our staff on Friday, May 9 to show their appreciation for a job well done. Mark your calendars!

ePortfolio Planning

It is time to start thinking about ONE digital piece that your students can save into their eportfolios for the 2013-2014 school year. Your students will have the opportunity to save more than one if you wish, but only one is required. Now that you are set up on Weebly, you can go ahead and have your students begin to save projects to their portfolios.

Kindergarten Registration and Round-Up

Due to changes in the calendar and resulting changes in the CRCT testing schedule, Kindergarten Registration for the district has been changed to April 24 from 4:00-7:00. Kindergarten Round-Up will remain the same on May 8. Information will be shared with parents and area day care centers.

STEM Activities

There is a STEM Day on May 9. With the busy year we have had, we did not choose to participate as a school this year. However, we do want to offer up this repository of great resources as you look for STEM plans for your grade level. Be sure to scroll all the way through to get to elementary videos, interactive tools and lesson plans. There is a mix of resources, lessons for all levels so scroll all the way to find all of the elementary resources/links.

EOY Checklist

The EOY checklist will be placed in your mailboxes today so you can start planning ahead for what's to come.

Personal Leave

As you know, subs have been very difficult to find this year. May always proves to be a particularly difficult month for subs, even on good years. As in past years, personal leave will not be approved in May due to the challenge of keeping classes covered. The only exceptions will be once in a lifetime events like graduations, etc. We need all hands on deck and appreciate your being here every day.

Personnel Updates

  • Cassi Gaines will be moving to Alabama this summer. We are excited for Cassi and her family on this new opportunity, but we will surely miss her! We appreciate all she has done to support the students at Harbins!

Professional Learning

Grade Level Professional Learning

Grade Level professional development:

  • April 16- SPG data entry and staff development log on the PD&E tool
  • April 24- Required CRCT Testing Meeting for grades 3-5 and support staff involved in testing. Please attend a grade level session during specials.
  • April 25- Make-Up CRCT Testing Meeting at 3:45 for all involved in testing that were not at one of the meetings on April 24.
  • May 1- Literacy and Math Staff Development

Media Center News


We will be doing our annual inventory on Friday April 25th, Monday, April 28th and Tuesday, April 29th. We will be CLOSED for student check-out during this time. Please plan accordingly for your students to make sure they have the books they will need before then. As soon as we are done scanning the books we will be back OPEN!

All Student Books will be DUE into the Media Center on MAY

Summer Reading:

Look for my summer reading plans in the ROAR after Spring Break. Plan on bringing your class into the Media Center during the month of May (Grades K-4) so I can get the kids excited about the program this summer!

Check out what is going on in the Media Center in April, including what we are doing in story time and other lessons offered:

Classroom Spirit Award

Each Friday, Montine will send you an electronic form. In the form, you will be asked to enter the total number of students in your class that is wearing a red shirt or Harbins spirit wear. The class showing the most school spirit by wearing red or school spirit wear will get a "spirit paw" to hang on the door. Go Tigers! Show your school spirit and encourage your students to participate!

Book of Honor

Nomination forms are in the mailroom. You may nominate a student to sign the Book of Honor at any time. Send them to the front lobby after announcements with their nomination form just as you do for handshakes. We will issue a special sticker and certificate when the student comes to the front to sign the book.

Below are the criteria for a student earning the opportunity to sign the Book of Honor:
· The student must consistently on a daily basis exhibit ownership of 7 Habits by:
· Showing use of the habits through their actions, attitude, and verbalizing them.
· The use of the 7 habits should be student initiated, independent, not teacher directed
· The criteria should be used to judge the students ownership of the habits against the individual student, not group comparison

Faculty Meeting

Our next faculty meeting will be held on April 29th from 3:45-4:30. Bring your copy of Rigorous Reading with you to the meeting. The reading assignment for all is to read chapters 6 for the faculty meeting.

ABCD Awards

Please send your nominations to Cindy Truett by April 22nd for recognition of staff members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that teaching and learning at Harbins are at the highest levels.

School Improvement Team

The SIT team will meet on Tuesday, May 6th from 1:15-4:00 in the Professional Development Room. The reading assignment from your Teacher As Assessment Leader book is to read chapters 5 & 6 for our meeting.

Roar Deadline

If you want to add something to the Roar, it must be sent to Montine by noon on Thursday of each week. If not turned in by Thursday at noon, it will have to be entered into the following week’s Roar. Thanks for your help!

News to Roar About

We will place “News to Roar About” in the Roar each Monday. It is our hope that throughout the year that you will take time to send us a note to let us know about a colleague who deserves recognition for outstanding work. Please be sure to share your compliments with us so we can highlight those individuals in the Roar. You can email compliments to Cindy Truett or Montine Powell.

Leaders in Learning

A link will be sent to you in April for your Leader in Learning.

Staff Birthdays

Cindy Huntington - 20th

Katie Walker - 20th

Through the Eyes of a Child

Send your cute kid stories, in detail, to Cindy Truett over email to have them included in the Roar.

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Harbins Happenings

Check out some of the latest leading and learning at Harbins!