Sammy Davis Jr life story

Sammy Davis Jr is one of the greatest entertainer in the world. he could act in movies,sing and even tap dance. Sammy Davis Jr is the greatest tap dancer in the world. Sammy Davis Jr was born on December 8TH, 1925 in NYC. on November 1954, he almost died in a car crash that ruined his left eye.


Sammy Davis Jr married a sweetish actor in 1960 they had one daughter and 8 years in their marriage they adopted two boys. Sammy Davis Jr manly performed on a casino circuit he was also apart of the Rat pack with Frank Sinatra and dean martin.
He was raised by his grandmother because his parents split up when he was three and then he went to live with his dad and when his dad and his adopted uncle went on tour Sammy went with to. while being on tour he learned how to tap dance and started preforming with them and from time to time his dad would hire a tutor for Sammy while on tour in 1930 the young Davis not only became a comedian and soon was the star of the show. in 1943 Davis's career was interrupted when he was drafted into the army during his service he directly experiences racial prejudice