Magnetism and Electromagnetism

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Computers use magnetism to operate. Magnetism is used to operate the fan motors and the disk drive motors as well as operating the "voice coil" that causes the disk read/write heads to move. Older computers also uses magnet to store data. There is no one inventor of the computer. Several men throughout history were responsible for the breakthroughs that eventually led to the comutper we now have today. British mathematician Charles Babbage was credited with inventing the first modern machine resemblng a computer between 1833 and 1871. Computers are now essentially for everday life. Without Babbage and his first computer like machine the internet access we have today wouldn't be possible.

Computer Monitors

As we've already shown computers use magnets to store data, but the monitor itself also is a mechanism on its own that uses electromagnets to give off light or create a picture. Without the electromgnets in a computer monitor, the computer itself would be useless to us today. Monitors use beams of electrons at a high speed to create an image. Electromagnets divert the electron beams to create this image. Paired together these two inventions make everyday life easier.

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Maglev Train

Maglev trains use a series of magnets along the tracks which create a magnetic field to lift the train about an inch off the tracks to keep it floating in mid air. Then to get the train moving the magnets create a wave of electromagnetic force which propels the train forward. The fact that it is powered by electromagnets makes the train faster and greener for the planet compared to conventional trains. This train was first invented by Alfred Zehan, although many of the models used today were created in Japan.

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Hover Board

This new invention is powered by magnets. Two magnets with the same poles facing each other allow the board to hover inches above the ground. By having the boards plates controlled by an electormagnet this device can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch. Metal rods are installed underground and when you follow these paths you hover! This was invented by Ellie Wuco after studying the repultion of magnets. By accident she found two magnets that were powerful enough to hold a person and from there the hover board was born.

Radio Transmitter

Radios can't work without a transmitter. They use an antena to radiate the radio waves when excited by an alternating current. The transmitter allows these waves to be recived by other transmitters and decoded into an audible message. The "wireless" radio was first invented by David Edwards Hughs. His work was sadly overshadowed by bigger names in science such as James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz.

Electric Motor

Electric motors are used just about everywhere we go. They use magnets to create motion inside the motor. The opposing sides of the motor are opposing magnets which attract to each other. Inside the motor the opposing forces of the magnets repell and attract creating a rotational motion. This helps us power things that would normally require gasoline. The first eleectric motor was invented by British scientist William Sturgeon in 1832.


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