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March 2019

Notes from the Principal

It is so hard to believe we are nearing spring break! Time is moving so quickly. Our staff and students are hard at work learning and beginning to prepare for students to move up. We have entered our fifth six weeks and are in full swing with lots of new and advanced learning. Encourage your students to keep up the hard work!

Upcoming Events

March 1 Dr. Suess Birthday- dress as your favorite Dr. Suess Character

March 8 Noon Release

March 11-15 Spring Break

March 19 Progress Reports

March 19-20 3rd grade benchmark

March 20 5th science benchmark

Social Studies

Third Grade: During these past 6 weeks, have been learning and celebrating Black History Month in Social Studies. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Marian Anderson and Matthew Henson, students have enriched their learning. Creating a personal timeline from their own life events, has helped students understand special events and significances in other historical biographies. The entire school enjoyed getting to know students better with their wonderful projects. We plan on continuing our daily geography practices. Encourage your student to help navigate any trips you take showing off their map reading skills they have been working on. Locate and discuss the different landforms and waterways you may see.

Fifth Grade: For the month of February we have studied all about Black History Month and the Civil Rights Movement. In March we will begin to study all about Railroads, Miners, and Ranchers. We will also talk about Industries and Immigration and why all of this is important still today.

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Meet Our Third Grade Staff

Our third grade has had a change since the beginning of the year. We are excited to welcome back to our campus Mrs. Molly Quijano. Mrs. Quijano is teaching math. Our other third grade team members include Mrs. Jones teaching Reading and Social Studies and Mrs. Shipman who teaches science and language arts. Mrs. Jones asks 'as we prepare in class for our upcoming STAAR tests, we ask that you have your student prepare at home too. Reading for 30 minutes a day helps build their reading stamina and increase their vocabulary. I encourage you to read with your student and ask them some questions about the book to check for their understanding. I appreciate all that you do in the help of your child’s education." Mrs. Shipman notes "In language arts we continue to develop our writing skills. We are learning the difference between revising and editing. We are also working to develop a plan for our writing with graphic organizers. Each week, we have a grammar skill that we really focus on. Recently, we learned about prepositions and prepositional phrases. We are also revisiting our commas and the different uses for them. I think our favorite grammar activity to date has been “Shooting for Parts of Speech”. In reading, students read Hoop Genius (about the man who invented basketball). We extended the story by “shooting” for nouns, verbs, and adjectives and searching for the different parts in the Hoop Genius text.

Science class has really gotten interesting. We have wrapped up learning about the formation of soil and slow changes that occur to the Earth. We are now moving into rapid changes of our Earth’s surface, such as volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Our next unit of study solar system. Be on the lookout for our upcoming science project; a 3-D solar system model!"

Spring Music Program

"Kitty Cat Capers"

Spring Musical time is upon us! The program is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23 at 7:00pm in the SEC. Please mark your calendars! This is for grades K, 1 and 2.

Our show is about kittens this year and each child will need their own unique and special set of car ears to wear. This is a simple and inexpensive project that can be completed at home with a headband and paper your child decorates themselves, but you can let your creativity soar and make anything your child can come up with! Let me know if you have any questions:

Student Handbook Reminders

Dress Code Reminders:

*All shoes must have backs

*Shorts/Skirts/Dresses no shorter than 5" above the knee (NO FRAYED CLOTHING)

*Sleeves must be three to four inches wide

*Tights and leggings must be worn with a long shirt that covers the behind

See pg. 48 of the student handbook for additional information


Please remember that school begins at 7:55 am. Students will be given two free tardies and on the third tardy lunch detention. After a student's fifth tardy, they will receive a morning detention. Our classes start phonics or classroom lessons promptly at 7:55 and it is important that students not miss instruction.

Box Tops

Don't forget to save your box tops. IES participates in Box Tops for Education. This provides us with additional funds for student activities.
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Did you know you can communicate with the office through Class Dojo? You can either send a message to Rebecca- Attendance Clerk or Penny- Secretary as well as your classroom teacher to communicate when your student will be out or have other office communication needs.
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Please take note that there are a few changes this year to our attendance policy and how/why students would need to make up attendance hours. Every student must attend 93% of the days class is in session to receive credit. Once a student misses more than 93% they must complete attendance makeup to receive credit. Attendance make up is $5 per hour and completed during Night School (Tuesday/Thursday)(3:35-7:30pm) or Saturday school (8-3:30pm).

** Changes ** A student will be required to make up hours even with a doctor's note if they do not attend school on the day of the note. For an absence to count as a medical excuse and not count in the 93% rule, your student MUST attend school during the day either before or after their appointment. If they do not attend school it will count against their 93% rule and be subject to attendance makeup, even with a doctors excuse.

Please do not hesitate to call the school office (254-687-2922 ext 120) with any questions regarding this change.


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